DOWNLOAD MIX 2 - Acid Jazz / Hip Hop / Mushroom jazz / Funk mix by Joey Muniz

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    I'm posting each week a series of Acid Jazz / Hip-hop / Funk I recorded the last 10 years. They are free to download off soundcloud (click the arrow to snag it). If you are a fan of the Mushroom Jazz series, King Britt, Jazzy Jeff ... you will probably dig.

    MIX 2 IS NOW UP .. go grab it as well as the last mix. I'll post a new one in a few weeks so keep checking back.

    Gear: 3 decks, Pioneer 500 FXs mixer and records. One shot recording. I believe around 30 something records total. Last two tracks are very old beats I made with two samplers for a live show.

    Also check out our original tunes. Foolish Enough is free to download as well.

    DOWNLOAD AT TheBedroomRockers - Sets - SoundCloud

    The Bedroom Rockers op MySpace Music â€â€œ Gratis gestreamde MP3â€â„¢s, fotoâ€â„¢s en Videoclips

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