Download Flappy Bird while you can

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  1. This game sucks and ive never even played it. If the guy wants to avoid legal issues, all he has to do is release the same game with different sprites assuming he copyrighted the "Flappy Bird" name. If he didn't then he's a moron.
  2. It's not for legal reasons, he just doesn't want all the fame
  3. Well then he shouldn't care, because it's a little fad, and it will fall out completely eventually. 
  4. Dude was making 50k a day off this game?

    Oh I am so getting in on this free to play ad supported casual game racket
    Then he's dumb. Fame and 50K a day=champagne and pussy. Everytime i saw some chick playing that game I'd be like "Yup, I made that." Then i would fuck her while wearing a bird costume.
  6. Problem said Dave Chapelle went insane and ran away because he turned down a lot of money to get away from the fame and corporatism to spend alone time with his family.
    No. Chappelle didn't leave because of the fame and money, he left because people were trying to control him creatively. He wanted to keep it real but the TV execs were trying to take over.
  8. Man, you guys know how much 50k a day is in annual profit?


    Sweet jesus, and this dude is walking away because people are bitching at him online? Fuck I should see if I can buy the rights to it off him, he might be willimg to just give it away if hes just walking away
  9. That's what I meant by corporatism. And he didn't like the fame either. He said it was too distracting, but he cared for his fans and would have kept doing the show for them but he just couldn't.

    But point was he was called crazy, literally, for turning the money down.
  10. No way. He's making 50k a day? No way.
  11. Thats what it said. 50k a day
  12. If I was 
    Nguyen I
      would ride it till the wheels fall of. Go the angry birds route... get movie deals.. console video game deals.. toy deals.. dude could be rolling in it 
  13. I think I could deal with some bitchy strangers for 50k a day lol. I never even played. Oh poo I missed the epidemic.
  14. Looks like a Mario copy game?

    I should make a flash app that mimics Zelda.....
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    This guy is very stupid. At least I have the game on my phone already.
    Twitter and Instagram are blowing up with #SaveFlappyBird hash tags :laughing:
    p.s. #guilty
  16. No clue what that is. Guess I'll have to hit this bong and act like it never happened, oh wait...
  17. Also fame from a video game? I wasnt aware such a thing existed. So take your 50k a day and move to Montana.

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