Down with cell-phone culture!

Discussion in 'General' started by Wandersteve, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. I'm sure a lot of us have them, myself included, but don't you just hate them? cell phones that is.

    so in an effort to not look like such a cell-phonie, I think i may get one of those earpeice things. or would that just make me more of one?

    but i have to have a cell phone because i don't have any other phone.

    i just smoked a bowl of blueberry. i'm blitzed.
  2. ya i have one.

    ya i fucking hate them to death.

    its my only phone though, and it is great to be able to talk on the run.. i work at cub though and i hate mother fuckers coming through my line talking very loudly on the phone. like ten at once.
  3. i see what you mean, but the benefits way outweigh the drawbacks.....think about how convenient cell phones have made drug dealing, and in turn the drug scene
  4. i have one.

    and love it. It makes everyday life so much more convient.
    You don't have to answer to those you don't want to, or you could just completly tuen it off...
    not much of a burden is ya ask me...
  5. i just hate all my mates like im getting that new £150 photo phone i only have my old worn out fone so i can meet my mates its annoying paying for it tho
  6. I have one

    I need it

    I dont hate it

    I need it
  7. I don't have one. I want one, but I just don't feel like paying for it.
  8. i have one, and its a big pile of shit... never gets any recpetion. but i do need it, to get weed, to get a ride home from work, a lot of times my cell has safed me from walking, swimming (boat broke down) home.
  9. Yeah, I think they're great. Although I laugh when i see people with those ear things on.. I could see how it would help like when driving. But I say thats what speakerphone is for..
  10. I have 5 nextels...

    1 for me
    1 for my wife
    1 for my oldest son
    1 for my dad
    1 incase one of the others gets broke or fucks up!!!!

    I don't hate them at all.... They make my life and buisness better!!!!!

  11. 2-way makes the world go round....

    lil click is all ya need.....

  12. Before I got the nextels, my bill would be 700-800 dollars every month... Now I get by with only a cost of 325 per month.
  13. yea they're great....only thing bad with em is they're easier to listen in on, due to they're frequency.......but hey.....who would be talkig about anything illegal anyway......:)
  14. I'm with you Gravy...

    Remember on Pulp Fiction: "Are you talking to me on a cellular phone?! Who is this? prank caller prank caller!"

    that has always made me a little paranoid, just talking on a cell phone about drug shit or something and wondering if some cop is just sitting there with a scanner ready to make a bust.

    I try to never include locations in the same conversations as drugs.

    It's all about staying one step ahead of the man. fuck the police!

  15. only with the two way really....because the frequebcy is very close to police scanners....

    If you have a walkie talkie next to a next tll and you click the'll weird out the walkie talkie....

    but face it, if thier going through the trouble to listen to your two way... thier listening to your calls

    just don't talk about shday things on your phone.... or if you do... be descriet..Sp?

  16. LOL ya you do, you just don't know it or cant afford it yet

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