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  1. Hello all I'm new but have followed postings and am looking foward to q+a as always something new.
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  2. English!!??

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  3. Seedsupreme legit? Got burned with 3 beans didn't pop looking for gsc auto
  4. Don't know, never heard of them, don't see why you would get "fake" weed seeds. How did you germinate them?
  5. Moist handy towel folded over in plastic bag on pumice in plastic container over heat pad 3 days nothing?
  6. Heat pad shouldn't be necessary unless you're in a cold environment. I just put a "crappy" Bagseed in a moist paper towel In a ziplock baggy for 2 days and got a taproot. Pictures of seeds/setup would help you. Also remaking this thread so people actually know what your problem is would help.
  7. Sounds like you need to come up with some more fresh seeds. I've never really had any issues germinating them and I do it the same way you did. But if seeds are old or just not good, nothing will make them sprout. Try again. Sorry. TWW
  9. OK thanks anyway
  10. Ok
  11. seed supreme is legit..if you had beans that didn't pop it may be your fault or the breeders but it's hardly ever the seedbank that send them out. I just received my order from them again. and the strain came in original Dutch passion really ingot Dutch passion through seed took 18 days and it went from Spain to brasil.GFP

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  12. Also I was introducing myself.
  13. Welcome, benign human. We also use our fancy twenty first century computer devices to exist on a non-material level here in the great Grasscity forum of the ether, where we discuss the growing and consumption of Mother Nature's wonderful bounty.


    An' we smoke weed...
  14. I feel small
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  15. That's a start. ;)

    Jump into the rest of the forum. If anyone picks on you, they're just dicks.

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