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Doughnuts/Funnel Cake

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by sexyneanderthal, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. If I wanted to make a fried pastry, would THC leech out of the dough into the oil? Was reading a recipe for doughnuts the other day and got me wondering if an infused version might be possible for me to make in the future. I couldn't find any info on the subject.
  2. i think the temperature of the oil itself might be too much regardless of seeping out or not.
    its just too hot for anything to really stay there. idk though. id def save the oil. either way,
  3. sounds good if u can get it too work, i would munch down on sum of those!
  4. There aren't many foods you can't put weed into. It's all about different solvents. Alcohol, fat, other stuff...
  5. Maybe I'll try and make one funnel cake with a g in it. If it works, awesome. If not I only lose a gram and have a funnel cake to make myself feel better about it.
  6. Like KiefSweat said, you don't want to be deep-frying anything that is coated in, or contains too near the surface/edges, your potency!

    When baking, your internal temps rarely reach 190 - 200 f and more often they are much lower, even the crust of cookies and brownies will usually hover around only 260 - 280 f until the moisture leaves and they dry out fully (and even the most crispy and crunchy cookies don't dry completely during baking, if you want them to taste nice!).

    THC happens to be one of the most heat-sensitive cannabinoids in cannabis, it has a flash point of around 300.2 f, and will slowly begin to produce vapor then, and much more rapidly once that temperature is exceeded.. what's worse, the instant you reach those vaping temps your potency is instantly diminished by as much as %10 - %20, and that loss is total.
    (By 'total' I of course don't mean the remaining 80%-90% of your potency, I mean that, of the 10% - 20% destroyed, you are not even left with the experience-regulating or narcotic byproducts of degradation. It's also why liquid chromatography produces higher and more accurate results when performing potency analysis, than gas chromatography, often by as much as %30 - %40 higher, where the GasC temps almost and sometimes do exceed combustion... but at much lower temps than say, the common bic lighter. Anyhoo!...)

    The best dough boys and doughnuts, and funnel cakes, are fried at temps around 375 f.. and if the temp is too low, you wind up with soggy, sort of icky-tasting lumps of dough. It's important enough that you should be measuring the temperature of the heated oil, before using it.

    Here are some old shots from a tutorial that still needs to get posted!

    I've since stopped dating the labels for the photo tutorials, and the below pics will show why.. they are over a year old! :p

    The pics are fairly self-explanatory though, and describe what you need to do once you've made your doughnuts/boys or funnel cakes.

    But I'll just mention that, in spite of the fact they've already been deep fried, dough boys, funnel cakes, and fresh doughnuts taste AWESOME, once you've spread on a little salted butter...

    Hey, I never said they were a guilt-free, low-fat snack. :eek: :p :smoke:


  7. Thanks for the info. I actually thought of a work-around. Make regular doughnuts and apply frosting infused with THC. Since I don't have to worry about heating the frosting, I won't lose potency. Plus it will taste better.

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