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  1. Doug Bensons first one hour special "Doug Dynasty" went up on Netflix last night. I watched it already. Loved it.

    There was a little bit of repeat material but only a couple minutes or so. But it was a great special.

    Anyone else seen it yet? Thoughts?
  2. watching it now lol
  3. Pretty surprised more people haven't watched this yet.

    He does an hilarious Bane impression. Funniest thing I have seen in awhile.
  4. What I thought was interesting was the material he reused was from earlier albums rather than his most recent one. Like he just released a new album of all brand new material and I think the only thing from it was the Bane thing.
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    I haven't listened to the newest album yet, but I did recognize some bots from other albums. I also remember hearing his flesh light slogan on the JRE, which was funny then and still made me laugh this time.

    There was a lot of material I didn't recognize though. The vast majority of it in fact. But that Bane impression is fucking great.

    Chelsea Perretties special will be out at midnight.
  6. Last night I watched duck dynasty and ended up SMH.  Then I watched South beach tow and almost commited suicide. There is a some scary shit out there....
  7. Yeah its absoulutely great! Ive only just discovered doug through his show, getting doug with high. I love him!!!
  8. Funny guy sometimes have to agree.

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