Douchiest kid in the world trying to fight over 15

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by meezayyy, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Lol wow this thread. If this is true, crumble up the 15 and chuck it at him next time you see him, he's either guna leave that money on the ground or pick it up. There you gave the money back
  2. this is the type of people that piss me off .he needs to be tought a lesson on how respect ppeople.hes lucky i dont know him id lay his fat ass out faster than he can say nooo!

    Just pay him back an lose all contact with this bozo hes trouble .
  3. "There's.... Shit..... Everywhere! It's on the walls!"

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  4. seduce him but don't bite his dick off just shove the 15 bucks up his asshole

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  5. fite him irl faget like tupac once said
  6. Wow, I fought over $5 and didn't back down over it... lol it's all about your pride in HS.
  7. Put 15 bucks worth of nickels in a sturdy sock. If he wants his money give it to him, if he wants to fight GIVE it to him.
  8. get a sexual disease then pass it on to him, that'll learn him

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