Douchiest kid in the world trying to fight over 15

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  1. get a $20 note and tie fishing line to it and pull it down the street so he follows it - then when he finally picks it up you, you jump out the bushes and say BITCH YOU OWE ME $5!

  2. Just tell him to grow the fuck up and take his money. If he still tries to fight you and all that tell him that you know some guys that will fuck him up and if he doesn't believe you even threaten to call the cops. What's he gonna do? tell them he sold you weed and tried to assault a girl half his size? I think the police would only care about him since he's dealing even though you bought it lol. Only do that as a last resort though, you don't want to be known for calling the cops lol. I only say this because he sounds like a complete asshole and probably deserves to be arrested.
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    Yeah seems like there are certain things you are intentionally (or unintentionally, what do I know) leaving out of the story. Right now this is the information we have, which doesn't make any sense: 
    1.) He gave you $15 worth of weed, and you told him you would pay him back the next day. 
    2.) He suddenly got pissed off at you (?) and didn't want to accept the money. 
    I don't understand how this is possible. Either a.) You didn't pay him back the next day and made him wait, which is why he's angry or b.) This man is a legitimate psychopath (unlikely) and gets angry at people for no apparent reason. 
    I'm going to lean with the possibility that the entire story isn't being revealed for some reason. 
  4. I am going to send you a list of supplies. Some of them may be hard to find. And you need a quiet area
  5. This dude is a pussy for trying to fight a girl over $15 fucking dollars. Get some guy friends to beat his ass
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    Sounds like your leaving out a lot of the story, or just making things up at this point
  7. Stop talking to the guy all together? If he doesnt want the15 bucks dont give it to him
  8. Why didn't you just give him the 15 the same day? I mean it is "just" 15 bucks but then again I kinda feel like maybe you dragged paying a bit. Iono either way tell him you gonna tell his mama he wants to beat up a girl.

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    Your leaving out the part that a supposed 270 lb man wants to reason and actually set up a fight with a supposed 130 lb woman, as if she would be a reasonable opponent for this "fight". How often do you hear of that happening?  Story sounds like a bunch of bs
  10. Should've said no to the front and just wait until you had the money to actually be able to buy.
  11. I was gunna say missing variables too. If you're trying to give dude his money, what's the problem?
  12. this is what methadone clinics are for
  13. Just do what your sig says??
  14. Could be bs, but you forget that there are infinite possibilities. A mass universe full of endless adventures of the sentimental fools' practical practice of his sentience. I lost track of what's happening. All I know is that your opinion is false.

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  15. This thread is hilarious
    If this is true he obviously was just looking for an exscuse to womp your ass OP, lending you money then not taking it back LMFAO GET OWNED! Gonna have to fight him like  a man
  16. Hes not going to fight you. He'd be the dumbest asshole to fight a girl he sold weed too.

    If he threatens you, call the cops on him. Violent people deserve to be locked up.

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  17. Uninstall

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  18. I will never get the time back i wasted opening this magical thread :confused:
  19. That's why I never trust more than 3 or five bucks.

    With people nowadays more than that you loose plank.

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