Douchiest kid in the world trying to fight over 15

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  1. I'll spare you guys the little details of the back story, but basically one of the guys I used to consider a really close friend (we'll call him C) sold me and a few friends $15 worth of bud one night and said because we were so close, I could pay him when I get paid which was the next day. Now all of a sudden he hates us, and every time we try to pay him back he wants to fight. I'm a girl, 5'4 and about 130 pounds and this guy is 6'5 around 270 pounds, and he's always saying how he'll fuck me and all my friends up, etc etc. I'm really just trying to give this guy his money and get rid of him for good. 
    How would you guys go about this situation? He won't reason with any of us and I'm not trying to fight anyone over 15 fucking dollars. I'm really just looking for advice on this because I've lost all hope. Also thought you guys might get a laugh out of this because it really is some little kid drama. 
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  2. Sounds like HS drama.
  3. get a group of boys to jump him

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  4. Tell your guy friends and they'll gang up on him and teach him to not fuck with women like that
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    extremely dsappointed in this attempt for attention...
  6. The title of this thread makes me L.O.L.
    You'd think they're still in high school. C and I have been graduated for 2 years now. 
  8. Put a goat in his house and have it shit everywhere

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  9. Seduce him then bite his dick off

    I don't know, I'm not a girl. If I wanted to fight a girl and she tried to suck my dick, i'd let her.

    Omega369 :wave:
    I'd like to know what you mean by "attempt for attention". 
  11. :rolleyes:

    Idk why but this shit really annoys me when people say it in stories. Just fucking call them Ryan or something and don't even tell us its not the real name....
    See how much better this sounds...
    A really close friend of mine named Ryan sold me and a few friends $15 worth of bud one night
  12. You should kill his family. Probably solve most of your problems, probably.

    "You can sheer a sheep as many times as you want, but you can only skin it once."
  13. There are missing variables or that story makes no sense.
    Tell me what's missing and I'll clarify for you. Guy I used to be close friends with is trying to fight because I owe him $15 that he won't let me give to him. I think I was as clear as I could've been.. but then again I may be wrong. 
  15. The clear option is to:

    A:If youre skinny, get another friend roughly the same size as you and decide who will sit on who's shoulders
    B: If average or above, get two skinny friends, and let them decide who will sit on who's shoulders

    (the process is the same after that bit)

    Get a very long black suit, dress pants, and comically large black shoes (you may have to make these from scratch)
    Get a pair of thick, white panty hose, that cant be seen through at a distance, but can be breathed through.
    Get a black fedora
    After shoulders are being sat on, dress up as slenderman
    Go to his house
    Make sure you can escape without leaving footprints
    Stand Motionless infront of his door, preferably atleast 20ft away
    Throw something at the door to get his attention
    When he opens the door, he should see you, remain motionless
    In all likelihood, as it will be night, itll be so dark hell just think hes seeing things
    Youre going to have to keep this up for a week atleast, to slowly drivd him crazy
    Hell eventually start ranting about slenderman to anyone who will listen, making everyone assume hes just some nutjob
    Eventually, he will be institutionalized and deemed unfit to live outside the walls of an asylum
  16. Kill him. 
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    completely normal everyday situation....
    A. If the douche doesn't want to take money you supposedly owe him then why are you attempting to put it on his plate anyways....
    B. If the douche is also 6'5" around the 250 range and is attempting to fight a girl of your stature...ill just stop here.

    which logically if you complete this

    C.Leave the douche alone and spend your $15 on something that won't attempt to eat you?

    which now leaves me thoughtless(ly)wandering who is really seeking attention?
    It is a normal every day situation for us.. our friend circle used to be really tight before all this shit went down we could trust each other to pay whenever if we couldn't the night of. I'm just wondering if you're thinking that I'm the one seeking attention, in which case, I'm not. I really just thought the story would be entertaining to some people because it really is childish. 
  19. throw him a good fuck you then proceed to spend said $15 on more weed :smoking:

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