Doubling light source during ripening...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MajorToker, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. I was on the fences on where to post this but I recently acquired 2x315w phantoms and was pondering adding one to my cheap 400w LEC. I'm afraid of making environmental changes at this stage in the game however I feel like the additional light may increase carbon fixation by increasing respiration.

    I'm just looking for advice. I think it's too late for Hermes to form. About 2.5 weeks out from harvest. Maybe 3 on the sativa dominant.

    Should I ride it out with the 400 or try to get a little more par on them to push more resin? Even just switch the cheapo GE out? As you can see they seem to be finishing well but should I try to push em? Help me out GC. Thanks in advance.

  2. looking really good . you can throw a million watts of power on those plants right now . it will not hurt any thing but at this point i do not think it will make them any fatter . they look darn near done now . i see the white hairs on the top of the buds crank up the power they could get a bit bigger more light the better for the quality more light the better as well as long as you can keep it the proper temp .
  3. Thanks sir. Believe it or not I think I can squeeze another bud swell after the one developing now. The LEC lights are deceiving as far as pistols and trichs go. That uv light beats those things up. I followed trichome ratio last time and realized later I was early.

    Just wondering if I can milk more trichome by opening those stomata up. Make them breathe more carbon.

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