Double tree perc issues

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  1. So I have a double tree perc made by liquid and when ever I seem to rip my bowl the one on the bottom doesn't bubble but when I pull out the bowl it does? The 1st bubbles when ripping and when out

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  2. You have much greater air flow when you pull the bowl, that's why people cheat and hit their piece without a bowl when showing water "function" vids.  That air flow is overcoming some restriction/imbalance.  Air follows the path of least resistance, if the perc on one side has bigger slits, or that side is slightly wider (larger cross section) the air prefers to take that path but when you pull the bowl the air flow increases and is taking both paths.
  3. Is there a way to get the bottom one to work while ripping?

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  4. Probably not, put an empty slide on and hit it, see if it fires.  If it does, then you just need a slide that gives you more airflow, if not then there's prob no fix, your piece just hits like that.  I wouldn't worry about it either way, I don't think it'd make a huge difference other than it doesn't look as nice when all jets aren't firing.  Function wise, you're still getting high and I doubt having one more slit fire would make that much of a difference.
    Just enjoy it and don't think about it.
  5. You can try a slide with less restiction than a single hole. Try a glass screen slide or ice pinch slide
  6. you could mess around with the water levels as well, but ultimately tree percs are tough to get 100% perfect.

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