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Double the 420

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PunkSamurai, May 23, 2010.

  1. That's cool :)

    Here everyone. Instead of debating let's do our own thing. I just made some homemade Mojitos with mint from my garden. Here you go, have one and enjoy :D

  2. I find it funny that it looks like the respected members of the forums with considerable rep, and a level head...seem to not give two shits about four twenty...where as the one bar having people who I assume are a bit younger than everyone else thinks 420 is the shit. Weed is not my life ...and thus I don't think about it like's a plant that I enjoy to use...but I dont consider myself a stoner.

    I don't get why everyone so quick to be like yeaaaah I'm stoner...first and foremost I'm a musician weed should be something to do...not the entirety of your being. There is nothing special about 420...the time or the day it's just like any other day or time. The fact that some people actually go as far as to wake up ate 420 in the morning to humorous.
  3. first and foremost, i'm a student, then a skier, than a musician, then a herb lover/glass collector.

  4. Ummm... that's not what this whole thing is about, Unwise. It's about the fact that OSG went off so badly on 420, and then said later on that he's cool with it and not a hater. Just made me wonder why he posted so strongly against something he's cool with. It's okay though, Unwise, I get OSG's point now, no need to defend him further. And thanx for reminding me what a forum is and what makes it great and what doesn't. I'd almost forgotten!
  5. I'm not telling people not to 'observe' 420, I am just saying why I don't like it and why I think it ultimately hurts cannabis lovers with regards to image.

    Like I said in an earlier post, when I was a young dumbass I thought it was cool to be stoner too. Then I grew up.

  6. I believe this is just a case of you taking something way too personally, and very much the wrong way. He stated his opinion. That's it. What's so hard to understand, "I hate it, but you're free to do what you want and I don't judge you for it at all"?

    Most people understood that the first time around.

    But then there are people who want to be up in arms just because someone stated an opinion they simply did not agree with.

    It happens. Move on.
  7. :smoking::smoking:it's not COOL to be a stoner by any means, ppl who smoke cause it's cool are the ppl who keep laws up for it to be illegal. I don't even tell anybody I smoke unless there is a need to. I don't rock weed teeshirts or rasta everything. (only thing i have is my CU Puffs hat, which only gets worn on a limited basis where appropriate, such as on milkvids lol, 420 at CU, yep thats right 420) around the house w/ my homies and such:smoking::smoking:
  8. What kind of rum did you put in it?

    If it's something trashy like Bacardi...
  9. Anger management training? lmao! :laughing:
    Im baked as fuuck feeling great and i just see your post... :wave: im good,, mayb u should b takin ur own advice.. ofcourse i dont know if ur angery or not seeing as this is over a cpu and u couldnt tell if someone was angry or not :eek:

  10. You should know better :devious:

    This time I used Ron Matusalem Platino. A friend of mine gave me a bottle as a gift. It's not bad. I've never had it before.
  11. lol, osg using bacardi, riiighhhtt, the dude grows his own hops/mint/herbs/ganja, whatever the fuck else, way to sophisticated for that lowclass bacardi shit
  12. I assumed you would know better!

    I've unfortunately never had a silver rum I've liked. They seem so bitter and chemical to me, even the expensive french pure sugar cane rum I bought for new years a few years ago.

    I prefer a smooth amber rum. I love Pyrat whenever I can find it. The earthy, citrus taste is so perfect for warm nights when it's on the rocks.

    Lately, I've been into Jamaican style rums. Screech, which I've only ever found one bottle of, was caramel vanilla heaven and was one of the smoothest rums I've ever drank.
  13. I prefer amber rums too most of the time, but a Mojito calls for a silver rum. It's just a given.

    I did make 'dark Mojitos' once with a nice dark rum from Jamaica. I forget which distillery. It was good but different.

  14. The reason why I am so quick to identify myself as a smoker is because weed is very special to me, and I feel a kinship with other people who also find it special. I think it takes a certain kind of person to be a recreational smoker, usually artistic, creative, deep, humorous, or just fun-loving. Even the 420 idea is humorous, like you said. Not everybody takes themselves as seriously as you, Funk, and can have fun with days and numbers!

    And though I can't speak for all tokers, I find that my sweetest, most introspective, most spiritual moments come from weed. I'm in love with life in general, but when I'm high I completely let go. The feeling of acceptance and connectedness is second best only to meditation, in my book. Is that not enough reason to celebrate something that the Earth, or God, or the Great Spirit, gave us for free? What does Ghan-Jah, Lord of the Harvest think about this? He's a God, let's find out:

    Ghan-Jah, Lord of the Harvest says:
    "I make folks happy 365 days a year and yet they have a problem with giving me one? I can't get one lousy day where people can all smoke together and appreciate what weed has done for them? It's in April, for God's sake, it's not like anybody's got anything going on in April. It's not even that great a month, it came in fourth place!"
  15. ive never met someone who wake up at 4:20am o_O
    whenever im juust chillin er sumshit,. and i happen to look at the clock and its, 4:10 im just like hmm, les toke a bowl, read a lil gc, listen to sum music , nshit.. so why not toke up at 4:20 cuz u know people around your state are blazing up then too. :smoking:

  16. I enjoy Mojito's a great deal as well. Lime really has the ability to cut the harshness of a lot of cheaper rums. And I've never had a dark mojito. I'm hoping I can find a silver rum I enjoy so I can get the most out of the mojito.
  17. Dont know if you aimin that at me man but not like i wake up at 420 im sick and am up all hours of the night n was token up and seen it was bout 420. Hradly consider it jus wakin up to smoke at 420 i could care less.

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