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Double the 420

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PunkSamurai, May 23, 2010.

  1. #41 oldskoolgrower, May 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 23, 2010

    I'll admit it, I smoked weed AT school, but that was the early 80's. Things are very different now. Hell half the school was outside toking and smoking cigs during break.

    It's been over 30 years of smoking and growing for me. I've always been careful with the legal end of it with regards to growing and other things. I was involved for many years in activities that can't be mentioned here.

    EDIT: Two more comments. One, like I said that was a different time. These days it's suicidal to smoke at school really. Second, I've done a LOT of things when I was young and stupid that I now am against.
  2. Who looks at the clock when they are smoking....when I decide to smoke the last thing on my mind is what time is it? Is it four twenty?
  3. I don't really pay attention to the time. It doesn't give me any sense of connectivity to other smokers if I smoke at 4:20, unless I'm with people when I'm smoking at that time. But I'm only connected because they're there, not because of what time it is.

    April 20th doesn't mean that much to me, either. I partake in the celebration my friends have because it's what I would do any other day they wanted to get together and smoke.

    Good herb is good herb, no matter what time of day it is.
  4. time is irrelevant. lets get philosophical up in this bitch.

  5. The fun of looking at the clock, Funk-D, is knowing that a lot of other people are too. It's a social thing, for fun. For instance, I'm on the east coast, and even though I'm high already, I'll glance at the clock every now and then and try to smoke when I know a bunch of other people are smoking. It's a hit-or-miss game and I usually miss, so it's fun to try to keep trying. Today, I'm going for the gold!

    Ghan-Jah, Lord of the Harvest says:
    "Communal smoke at designated time increases the molecular activity in pot plants around the world! And no, I'm not making this up, I'm Lord of the Harvest, I should know! So, do 420, for the sake of those plants in laundry-rooms, and broom-closets, and grow-boxes all over the world! And for the plants who reside in greenhouses, for the ones in the open earth, for the plants under halogens, and HID's and LED's, for the seedlings... for the budding plants, for the..."

  6. And I care if other people are smoking at the same time as me because? Are they smoking with me? No...then I don't care. I don't look at the clock because when I'm smoking I'm living in the moment...and it allows me even just for twenty or thirty minutes to not have any worries..including what time it is...or how much time I have before I have to don't something. And I'm pretty sure smoke is bad for plants...
  7. On April 20th every year the kids light the hill on fire in front of my old high school and leave 'Happy 420' as a burnt message.
    Just another reason for people to look down on cannabis and any of its users...
    And about the whole feeling connected, I really don't want any connection with most of the 'stoners' that I've seen through my highschool days. Although I don't consider myself a stoner at all.

  8. I obvoiusly smoke whenever i want to as well? So, i choose 4:20 anytime it comes up.. And its real childish of you calling totally going hippicrit mode : and calling me the lame one.. You really need a good dose of stfu. :rolleyes:
  9. I agree. I'd rather not think about the group of kids who are sitting around thinking they're cool for smoking weed.
  10. :smoking:word dude lol
  11. i hit em both if i catch em.

    i've done it plenty of times
  12. 420 is kinda silly.

    the worst is the actual date itself... so many facebook status' about it... to be honest the people who hold up 420 on a golden platter around here are usually.. erm... highschoolers/rooks. Sorry xD

    I had a friend who always considered himself a seasoned toker despite the fact one SMALL hit could get him geeking balls all over the place. He likes 420.

    I have another friend who is a very big dealer, owns thousands of dollars in glass, and has been smoking since he was 8. He thinks 420 is a joke.

  13. I can't personally answer the question of why you should care, I don't know you. In fact, it seems to me that you don't care. I do. That's all.

    Two hours and nineteen minutes...

    I only have two hours of smoking time before I have to, you know, smoke some more!

  14. :laughing: Whatever you say kid. Someone needs Anger Management training :laughing:
  15. Cant we all jus get along lol :smoking: I mean I smoke anytime i feel like it but i mean if im looking at the clock and 420 jus so happens to be around the cornor sure ill take a hit. I dont think it matters either.
  16. That's pretty much what I've said too. I just said why I don't recognize it and took pains to make sure people knew I don't hate on those who do :)

  17. Just curious, OldSkool, why did you feel the need to announce to everybody on this 420 thread that you don't believe in 420? Isn't that like going to a preschool and announcing to all the kids that there is no Santa?

    Or Easter Bunny? "Hey kids, I know there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny because it says right in this book that rabbits don't lay eggs, they lay rabbits, but hey- do whatever you want, I'm cool. Just sayin' that your reasoning is kinda lame, and I would never be so lame to believe in that myself, but I ain't hatin'!"

    Let the kids have their Easter Bunny, OSG. Everything doesn't always have to be so correct all of the time.
  18. There was a question posed and I answered 'neither' then expounded ;)

    Like I said I don't hate on those who like 420, but to be honest I hate the whole '420' phenomenom for reasons I already stated. It is a big part of the negative image 'stoners' have in the general public.

    However, I also said I probably wouldn't have gotten involved had this been posted in Apprentice. It was in Seasoned originally.

  19. It's a public forum, and he has every right and privilege to express his opinions all he wants as long as he's not violating forum rules doing so.

    This mentality that people should only be posting in threads if they agree with everyone else in it is weak. If no one expresses opposing opinions, then why share an opinion at all? It's pointless. Opposition between intelligent, level-headed folk creates discussion.

    Which is the entire point of having a forum in the first place.
  20. I will celebrate 420 because I know some friends that smoke very rarely, but will do so on 4/20. It's always nice to smoke with new people :)

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