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Double the 420

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PunkSamurai, May 23, 2010.

  1. So im up and its bout to roll into 4:20 am and I was just curious as to how many other people hit up 420 twice a day. Recently ive been awake for 420 both times its rolled around.:smoke:
  2. Errr, it's always too early for me to hit up the early morning 420, I guess i'm not hardcore enough :D . But whenever I can i'll try and smoke for 420pm, if i'm at work or some shit i'll always just make an excuse and just sly away to smoke a joint (I do a very boring, number crunching job so I can get high and it doesn't really matter), no one here knows what 420 is so it isn't really obvious :smoking:
  3. I don't recognize 4:20 or 4/20. Childish custom stemming from a bunch of High School kids years ago :confused_2:

  4. It's true that it's pretty childish in its origins but I think that it's good that the majority of the cannabis community/culture worldwide can rally around and enjoy together. You also get the sense of connection between yourself and other stoners when you smoke at 420...Or that what I feel at least...It also gives us what is effective a 'stoner christmas' on April 20th...
  5. I don't need a sense of connection with other stoners. I'm not even sure what that means. I'm just a guy who happens to smoke and grow cannabis among many other interests in my life. What is a stoner? No, really?

    I'm so sick of hearing about 'stoner culture' and 'stoner this' and 'stoner that'. Projecting the image of a separate stoner culture instead of just living our lives as people and doing our things in life certainly doesn't help the image the rest of the public has of 'stoners', nor does it help legalization efforts.

    Elevating a plant to the level of having it's own holiday is just ridiculous in my opinion.

    Most of the grown ups I know who smoke feel the same way about 420. I'm not hating on anyone who likes it, I'm just sayin'. We don't need a special time or day to 'connect' with each other or to celebrate the herb.

  6. That is how I always thought about it. I didn't even smoke the two before last, and the only reason I smoked on the last one was because I was sick.

  7. Shiiiit, any time 420 comes up i toke up.. :smoking:
    Bomb time to toke maynnee. Mayb ur just that lame x)
  8. I smoke whenever I want to smoke. Maybe calling people lame for expressing their opinion is the actual lameness here :rolleyes:

    I didn't call any of you lame. I said I thought the custom was childish but that i don't hate on people who enjoy it. You really need a good dose of grow the fuck up.
  9. #9 420stonedpanda, May 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 23, 2010
    Yeah all I was saying was why I enjoy it, and i enjoy the sense of community because i'm firmly of the belief that man is a social animal and I enjoy being able to feel a personal sense of connection with others around the world who share a similar set of interests to me, even though that communication and connection doesn't involve direct contact.
    Also, I fail to see why it's childish, just because it was invented by 'high school kids'. I mean, it's just a time and date that's grown to become synonymous with herb smoking which thousands enjoy each day...
  10. That's cool bro, like I said I don't hate on you for it. I was just saying why I didn't like it is all. It's all good. Enjoy all of your 420's :)
  11. I gotta agree with you 100% on this one, it's all very silly if you think about it.

  12. Yeah I wasn't getting angry or anything man, just explaining why I, and I think many others, enjoy 420 :D
  13. I know :)

  14. I can relate to this somewhat. Don't get me wrong, if I get the opportunity to blaze at or on 420 I will, but I hate what it has become. I hate all of the dumbass people bragging about 420 and how much they smoke. Then they make a bad name for the rest of the people who do smoke, even if they aren't idiots about it.
  15. What about Christmas? :confused_2:
  16. Oh please...don't confuse a religious holiday that billions celebrate with a day dedicated to getting stoned :rolleyes:

    Man like I said if you like it that's great. I don't hate on you for it. I just speak my opinion.
  17. I personally like any other real holiday as a stoner holiday better. Better to blaze on christmas and give/get presents, or blaze and eat mad food on thanksgiving. W.e

    4/20 is a far less superior holiday. Everyone spends their money on just a bunch of weed, then there's only regular junk food and probably no presents.

    likewise seeing 4:19 on the clock and racing to pack a bowl and smoke in one minute is about the dumbest thing ever.

  18. Yeah I really love smoking with my friends and family on Thanksgiving especially. To me THAT is the day we should give thanks for the herb. Usually my brother and sister come to my house and after our parents leave (I'm the oldest and usually host holiday dinners because my wife and I are both gourmet cooks) we all toke up and sit around late into the evening telling stories of our youth and just enjoying each other's company.

    On the odd years I don't have family or friends over my wife and I do pretty much the same thing.

  19. I agree, but then I'm a very ceremonial person, and I enjoy doing things out of habit, or just because it's the "right" way to do it. It's also fun to have another excuse to light up lol.

  20. I kinda think you do need a sense of connection with other stoners. A sure sign of this is that you're carrying on a social engagement with stoners right now. You're a grower, and a grown-up, yet you felt it necessary to share your opinion on 420. You wanted to set people straight. You wanted to be involved. You wanted to be connected.

    So there are others, like myself, who like to take it up a notch. I am 36 and I love the idea of 420, the culture, the connectedness. Connected people are more likely to see themselves in others, and be nicer to each other. I believe every little bit helps.

    As far as the legalization thing goes, it's unstoppable. Maybe it's not moving along at the pace I'd like, but it is inevitable. Freedom is a hard force to keep down, it just keeps grinding and pushing and eventually it gets it's way. A puny thing like a mere image of a stoner, or a separate stoner culture, has no chance of stopping it, OldSkool.

    And the word "stoner" itself is just a word, nothing more. Whatever connotations it brings up will be smothered by the presence of people like us, ordinary people who smoke. Whatever "stoners" were, or are, or whatever it means, means nothing compared to what people actually see, and who they see is us. I'm not that bad an image!

    It makes sense to me that most of the grown-ups you know feel the way you do, because those would be the type of people you'd associate with. It's not a big deal among the guys I know either, but I like it, and we all like the idea. Hey, maybe it's one of those things for the young guys. Let the kids have their fun!

    And you're right, of course, you don't need a special day to feel connected or celebrate the herb, but it sure is heart-warming to have one! I love the idea that other people see the same magic I see in the herb, so much so that they made a day for it. Cool!

    420 :hello:

    Ghan-Jah, Lord of the Harvest, says:
    "He who has no 'connection' has no way of getting weed!"

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