Double tap roots. (Picture shown)

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  1. Haha, okay... I'm not worried about this or anything. I just thought it was interesting. However, I couldn't get a very clear picture with my camera, so I included a copy of it that I outlined to make it easier to see. The seed is still between paper towels, but I'm about to plant it because the first tap root that came out is pretty long now. Has anyone else ever seen a seed spit out two tap roots like that? I'm guessing it's just getting a headstart on sending out roots, but that's the first time I've seen a seed do that. lol :)

  2. wat strain is that it might be a superpheno
  3. its not supposed to have 2 tap roots, the tap root is the main one and then more roots grow out of the tap root later. strange.
  4. haha, I know. that's why I thought it was weird. it's just bagseed I was messing around with germinating and sprouting some bagseed while waiting for my new order from seedboutique. the seed was somewhat large too. about an hour after i took taht picture it kicked off its seed shell so i planted the little freak then... haha. :p has anyone seen that before? i didn't notice it had a second one until lastnight. the first was about an inch or maybe a little more long, then out of the middle sandwhiched between that one and the part of the seed that unfolds into the cotyledon came another one. really weird. I wish i could've gotten a better picture so I wouldn't had to outline it up there.
  5. could also be a retard.

    but grow it to find out! that would be cool to have some super stong plant with twice as many roots so they absorb what they need better andx faster and more of, anyways, bye and good luck
  6. I did see that before on one of my own seeds. I cannot remember what happend to that specific seed though.

    Maybe its like one egged twins. But unlike humans twins, trees and maybe plants may fuse together. With an apple and a pear tree they will even grow each others fruits if you make the stems fuse by putting them together close when they are young so the stems press each other out of the way when they grow up.
  7. maybe its a herm and one its penis the other its vagina lol j/k prob gonna grow nicely hope its a female. How long have you germinated for?

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