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  1. I attached a photo below.

    Why hasn't anyone done a double stemline setup yet? You could have the bottom grid stay the same and use a tube to connect it to a second like below. You could also rotate the grid 90* to have it perpendicular to the one below it and have two tubes going up, one on each side, in possibly the shape of a heart and you could hold onto each tube like ears.

    I don't know just thought it was a cool "high"dea.

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  2. The other idea kinda would look like this.

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  3. I like the second idea better just because it would look more symmetrical/better. Honestly though that's a pretty good idea compared to the loads of crap that gets thought up on here.. I'm not sure how you'd go about making it into a reality but hell I could see it existing.
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  5. That would be shitty though, SG or another similar company like 2011BC would have to blow it.

    I like the second idea also better, more symmetrical which is key. The tubes going up the sides would be blown from glass, think Hamm Scientific style but with a nice SG touch.
  6. Usually the difficulty filling the bottom chamber with water is what discourages the manufacture of this design.
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    ^its called removing the slide.

    the king stem seems like it stacks enough though. if you had another stem like that so close to your mouth seems like youd get a lot of water. maybe extend & bend the mouth piece some..
  8. They have [ame=]YouTube - Stone Glass Works Worked Double Waffle Milk Shot with Supreme Vaporizer[/ame]
  9. i was gonna say a stemline to a waffle setup like a circ with a grid on top like a waffle/stem and either circ slits or grids on the sides

    iono im goin back to sleep though..
  10. Ive for sure thoguht of this before, and i agree itd be a dooope set up. Your first pic you drew is exactly like i had envisioned it if i were to have it done. Like someone said tho, the splash is pretty good on these so you'd need a bent neck or something on it to not take mouths of water.
  11. toro did it... "oh yeah! oh yeah! i could do that aaaalllll DAY son...." jp's a douche imo. a douche that makes great glass
  12. Wil glass in santa barbara has been making some sick tubes like what you drew. I'll put up a picture of mine soon. its a double gridline for oils :D
  13. The tube going out the side would be a bitch to make, would break super easy but would be sweet as hell. Maybe something like the saxophone mouthpiece would help.

  14. That second chamber would barely do anything since the water would just go back down
  15. Olympic glass has made one that works
  16. the water doesn't go back down since the that second curve is tilted. Trust me it acts like a double micro and it's simply amazing. The gridlines are also perpendicular (hard to see in the pic)
  17. It would work, water flows up during pull and drips back down when not pulling

  18. After looking I saw the upstem tube went higher then the stemline. I see it would work but not like that
  19. Why would a bent neck be necessary, couldn't a splash guard be blown in?

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