Double standards on GC.

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  1. As a female I have to say this entire forum is quite disappointing. I made an account here almost a year ago or something like that. I never really used it until a few months ago. For the most part I haven't encountered any real assholes until this thread I made earlier:

    To make a long story short, I slept with a guy I had no business sleeping with. It was a one night stand and it was a mistake. I admitted that it was a mistake but I'm being called all kinds of names for making a mistake/having a one night stand. Grow the fuck up. I see a lot of females on here being picked apart and called names but I'm not going to waste my time reading a bunch of sexist shit. If I was a guy posting a story about how I had a one night stand or if I made a thread whining about how I need to get random pussy everyone would be high fiving me and sharing their stories about how they got some random pussy or whatever. But because I happen to be a female I'm branded a slut? This generation really has some fucking work to do and I know just because I made a mistake it's not on me to do the work.

    I'm a different type of person than I was back when I made the stupid mistake of sleeping with a random guy. I'm not going to sit here and defend myself against a bunch of internet wannabe gangsters, I know who I am but to see the way females get attacked for doing the same thing guys do really disgusts me. I'm glad to be done posting on this website, hopefully I can find other female friendly weed related sources to move on to.
  2. Meh. If a female truly wants to live her life exactly as she wants to then she needs to grow a thick hide to words like "bitch" or whore". Just like if a man wants to do what makes him happy he will be called "dick" or "asshole". Besides, consider the source of judgement: a playstationless stoner 13 year old who quotes Borat all day and masturbates to COS Play dickgirl art. I wouldn't allow them an opinion on their favorite color much less who I fuck and how I do it. Walk it off.
  3. Yeah, it gets annoying. I think they like to see us react to their offensive remarks. They don't have the right, really. Just take what you can from the positive/helpful responses and ignore all that other shit. Stay strong.


  4. they flame us coz theyre alone at home in front of a screen, half limp dick in hand.
  5. I don't think you're a whore. Unless you banged like 4 dudes at once. That's some whorey shit.
  6. Yeah the best thing is to just ignore it. I agree with you, but people are just rude on the Internet to overcompensate for their cowardice in real life. If they want to be insecure and try to put you down, just ignore it. As women we will always be held at a double standard and to be fair men are held to them as well. However throughout history women have been treated this way, it's gotten beyond exponentially better. Where our power truly lies is rising above the remarks and ignorance and being who we are regardless.
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    Out of curiosity, would you fuck 4 females at once? If you are a straight male that is.
  8. This is the internet, what the fuck do you expect? Do you want us to send you a card?
  9. It's not the same thing. Getting pulverized by multiple dongs is crazy hardcore. If I had 4 dicks maybe it would be similar.

    OP I was in a situation where I kind of had to have sex with a girl even though I didnt really want to. Glad she wasn't a stalker creep.

  10. I didn't ask you if you thought it was the same thing or not. I asked if given the chance would you?
  11. Women who seek to be equal with men lack
    ambition. - Timothy Leary

    Embrace your inner slut. And don't let any man or woman make you feel less of a human for it. ;)
  12. No. 4 is way too much.
  13. je conviens!

  14. /thread
  15. What I don't get is why women think there is a double standard. Do you really think that men like guys who dog on women? Men hate guys like that. We call them tools, douche bags, assholes, jersey shore wannabes, etc. None of it positive, they give us a bad name. GC is full of that because GC is full of 17 year olds who probably never even got laid much less did all the shit they brag about. That doesn't mean men as a whole condone their behavior. Of course we don't. But you don't seem to mind them when they are the ones giving you compliments do you?

    Do you really think you are going to get a bunch of positive messages about a time you hung out with a guy you didn't like, fucked him after twenty minutes, cheated on your boyfriend, and then told the internet about it? I think you just need to work on living in reality. Honestly what did you expect? Seriously ask yourself that question. What did you expect?

    Come back if you grow up. Or don't. Nobody will miss you. Its the internet.
  16. ^^ + rep for telling it like it is lol

  17. this is very true, but, still, we are women, so we are crazy and care about things like this forum :)
  18. What mari said is the only thing relevant. Girls are sensitive, and we need to be careful about how we word things, but its just not true that we are all like those dudes.

    You need to be aware of why people give you compliments, and why people are honest with you. Often what you need to hear and want to hear are two different things.
  19. Three would be fun. I'm not sure what I'd do with the fourth one :laughing:

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