Double/Single Light Socket Adapters

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by icky the noob, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. If $5/per is going to break the bank for you then growing may not be the right thing for you right now.
  2. Not gonna break the bank but if a friend knows where they are for lets say $3.75 id rather do that. Thanks that was the first Rude/Non-Helping Comment i received on this forum. I knew they were coming eventually :)

    Documenting noobs first grow
  3. Sorry man, didn't mean to be short with you.
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  4. Your not really going to find well, anything really for less than $5 bucks a piece when you're talking about growing supplies. Things can get expensive, quickly. I honestly don't think it will be worth your time and effort to try to find somebody selling them for a dollar cheaper. Just my 2 cent!
  5. If your gonna grow and do it right you gotta spend some cash to buy the right equipment or you could grow outside

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  6. My suggestion would be to post in the "Absolute Beginners" forum...

    Post fail. :thumbsdown:
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