Double Roach Bottle

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  1. I'm good at making these little contraptions. I smoke a lot of blunts & drink a lot of water so it just goes hand & hand. I make one of these almost daily but this ones different because it's two roaches instead on one. These are really easy to make. Basically you just burn two holes in an empty bottle, one behind the other and then burn a hole at the bottom of the bottle for a carb. Put some cold water in the bottle & light your roaches.

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  2. Huh?

    I'm not sure what that is supposed to do for you exactly. I can think of far easier ways of disposing of said roaches. I rip them through my bong after removing the paper or wrap that's left over. I typically don't smoke blunts but when I do I don't smoke the roaches. To much tobacco tar and resinous gunk from the tobacco wrapper part of the blunt for my tastes.

    Back to your DIY roach to Toking device. Maybe the water helps keep ashes in your mouth to a minimum? Maybe it keeps the roach from getting sucked into your mouth when it burns low enough? Doesn't the plastic burn and or melt a little bit whn you're Toking?
  3. What does this accomplish? I don't get it.

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