Double Posting (or more)

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by KillerSmoke, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. A rule that I have seen enforced on almost all other forums is forbidding replying to a thread where the user posting already has a post there.

    This can be solved by

    a) Getting a vb hack or something that automatically changes it to edit their first post, not allowing the user to create a second.

    b) Letting the user themselves be sure not make the mistake.

    An example of wasted space due to MANY multiple posts:

    Dank0ne posts 10 videos seperately. If those two people didn't comment between his posting, it would have been 10 consecutive.

    Obviously there are times when a post is too large and needs to be extended, in these cases double posting is nessecary. It's possible that maybe you can't embed two youtube videos at once in a same post, but that still doesn't justify all the other random multiple posts in a row when it could have been easily edited to a single post.
  2. Well, technically those were unnecessary posts. I'm not going to wig out over people who post in a thread and go back and post more due to new thoughts or whatever.

    The youtube videos are actually getting out of hand here, though. Something needs to be donw about that, really.

  3. You mean all the original threads being made that just say "check this video out"

    Damn, I was really enjoying them :rolleyes:
    Hey lets all go on youtube and grab a video and make a thread about it :hello:


    Yea, I get annoyed when I come on here and see 5 new threads with nothing more than a video.

    I understand the need to post some videos- but everyday you see the same thread titles "This is too funny (v)" or "Check this video out".
  4. On the double posting i dont mind it too much, Im guilty of it sometimes. And one some of my threads ill bump it even if i was the last poster like my music threads but when someone replys i delete my bump post.

    But yeah alot of the youtube threads are annoying yet some are funny. Probably would be better as one thread to make to have everybody post thier funny/enteraining youtube videos in instead of 1000's of threads with one video.
  5. YES! Perfect, KSR! That's the idea that will help for now. :D

    (Cheebaa! What's up, dude? :D)

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