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Double-Layered Joint?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Prof. Toke, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. i was thinking of this idea earlier today about rolling a normal sized joint, but then roll another joint around the outside of that to make like a double layered one. the point being that it wont burn as quick as if u just packed 1 roll with the same amount of weed. think im on to something or just a silly theory?
  2. It burns slower, but the smoke is harsher.

    If you can roll very good Js that burn slow anyways, I would just not doublewrap the J because you will lose flavor and gain harshness.
  3. so there would be a joint in a joint? like a joint with weed inside, inside of another joint with weed inside? if that is the case, why not roll a big joint? or 2 joints and smoke them separately?
  4. Do you mean an entire joint around the first, or just two papers?


    Hendrix got in before me
  5. I don't see why not. But why not just roll a fatty fat fat joint instead?
  6. thats actually how i roll my joints. i roll a joint than roll it inside another paper. Holds together well and i love the coconut flavor on the papers!
  7. What I've always wondered is if you could take a paper lay it out somehow adhere the weed to the paper over the entire paper in a thin layer(except the gum part) and then roll it up like a cinnamon bun.
  8. you will taste the paper the entire time, thats just shit--just roll it all into one j
  9. there is two totally different topics going in here.
  10. #10 Electric Wizard, Aug 28, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 28, 2008

    you'd end up with a little toothpick with a terrible weed : paper ratio
  11. I got a picture of that on my phone. We call it a Holmon Hammer, cause that's the name of the kid who came up with that idea first in my area.
  12. what i mean is picture rolling a normal j, and then roll another around that one, so yes it would be like a joint inside another joint. my thinking was that it would burn slower cause of the extra layer versus just cramming one with the same amount of weed.
  13. Why would u wanna do that?

    Sorry dude but i can only see cons here.

    - Smoking twice as much paper as what u would when u would just roll one fat one.

    - Higher chances off oneven burning.

    - Crappy taste cause off all the paper.

    - Probably a hassle to roll.

    - Less smooth tokes.

    - Time consuming, u can probably roll two fat ones in the same amount off time as u would roll one off these.

    Around here we like to smoke as little paper as possible so i don't quite see people starting to roll like that in my area. If u do decide to roll it put some pictures up and let us know if it was worthwile.
  14. there is no need for it if you can roll a proper joint. the less paper the better.
  15. Just roll a tulip. You'll get high...
  16. dude ive thought about trying that same exact thing... never got to it but i imagine that it would burn slower but be kinda harsh? kinda like double wrappin a joint
  17. did you come up with this idea high? im not saying that it is a dumb idea its just that i would never think of that lol.
  18. when i thought about trying it i was high.. always learn something new when you smoke...or maybe you just forgot you knew it and learned it again..
  19. just roll an L joint
  20. First time I saw that was when I was trippin on acid and my friend had this "great idea" to roll one of those. IT got the job done

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