Double Inline, Reverse Showerhead, what to buy??

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  1. buddha but for that much sov stem line
  2. If you were gonna buy that Buddha gridded can for 375, you might aswell spend an extra 50$ and buy a 60 mm stereo matrix from mobius. The quality is probably much better with Mobius, and the function is undoubtedly better than any gridded can.
  3. Get an Apix Design Gridded Stemline to gridded disk right now for 200 dollars less than both and have a crazy functioning tube

    [ame=]Apix Design Gridded Stemline to Disk Milk - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Apix Design + Elton John - YouTube[/ame]

    I got to hold ontp my buddys Mobius for a couple weeks but I enjoyed the DG and EFS I use to have over it and now I enjoy my Apix much more then all of them.

    I do really like the bubblers though. i felt like the performance was more consistant and the percolation was more even/stacks dope.

    Maybe a Dirty Rico could save you some money too.

    But the choice is yours. If you have money to spend eff it ha
  4. The big mobius matrix bubbler is one of the best bubs on the market. I have it, and it hits like a tube it's so big. The mobius also has some sick stemless disk Percs, but they are 420 or more. Apix is a great value choice.
  5. I love SGW's Waffle Perk, and i also really love my 2011BC gridded showerhead bubbler for buds. If you're looking for a multi-functioning piece 2011BC makes some quality bubblers. You can also save money by buying a j-hook, ash catcher, and clip and dab/smoke buds from. Have owned a Mobius Strato-Zero Drag Perk tube, and i liked it for both dabs/buds.

    I like inlines the least out of all the perks I have tried.

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