double ended hps lights and coolers

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  1. does anyone know what coolers you need for de lights.

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  2. You may be talking about an air cooled hood
  3. the bulb is self ? they sell them 22 to 2700k for flower and veg 4500 to 7200 and a finish bulb 8k to 10k
    what are you trying to do ? they also sell a mixed spectrum bulb .
    double ended hps wow its been a wile hearing about them . they used to be the best for about 6 months lol no longer the best lighting source . i never bought them i was not impressed .
    over priced years ago .
  4. its alright ive found some guys :D i was talking about the aircool hoods.

    but yea... i thought the de bulbs are like the way to go now?... leds just aint working yet still i believe. theirs no penitration through the canopy. ive got a spectrum king led which is meant to be good but im not joking a 400w hps still beats it hands down. quality is epic on the led but yield is

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  5. im basically trying to cool my room down and give the best coverage at the same time so i was thinking getting some de cooltubes with a reflector with the old style bulbs though so 2 x 600w rather than the new de bulbs which are just one bulb 1000ws. the reason for this is the height distance for the old cooltubes is alot better. i can hang the old ones basically on the roof where as the new de ones.. because they dont like air blown on them have to be in a big cooling hood.. meaning i lose like 12inch of height.

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  6. yea the spectrum king has nearly half the growing power of a 600w hps.. god i didnt think it was that bad

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  7. Some LED's most certainly are working now. You just have to buy the right ones. If they light up your room with an obvious blue/red/purple/blurple color, they are not what I am talking about.

    Quantum boards rate true wattage from the wall.
    A 600W QB setup ACTUALLY replaces a 1000W. In fact, my 600W sets blow my old 1000W setups out the water. I have only ever run them, max 75% draw. I have blasted them full power to see how bright they are, but never grown under that much.

    They use Samsung LM561C, LM301B and LM301H diodes which are FAR more efficient than standard 'blurple' LED's. Epistar and Bridgelux are now coming out with good stuff too.

    Quantum Boards are usually in the 175 lumens/watt range. Your standard 1000W is about 110 lumens/watt. When you do the math, it's very near a literal replacement. Add in the amount of usable light vs a HPS and it's game over.
    They emit a nice plant friendly, grower friendly, and photo friendly daylight spectrum, similar to color temps available with CMH setups.
    And they do penetrate the canopy well.

    I bought mine from China, so there is no benefit to me trying to talk you into them, other than knowing I can help someone avoid all the heat, noise, and space issues that come with ducting and hoods and extra fans and all the other crap.

    Here's my girls, two weeks and 2 days in, in a 6x6 under a 65% draw across my 3x600W setup (1170W off the wall give or take). I would need at least 4 x 600W for the same coverage, one over each 3x3 square. 20190826_193423.jpg
    Not typical blurples that's for sure. Not cheap either, but worth every penny.
    I've been growing for a while and these are the best investment I have ever made into any grow I've ever done, bar none.

    Clone planting day July 8th : (and they took about 5 days to root and start growing)
    One month and 3 days later :
    That whole veg period of that month, I ran the boards at 25% draw, that's 450W across the tent.

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  8. nice man! well i can certainly see they are liking that light but yea! i dont put down Chinese devices mann.. infact my phone is chinese and i swear by it!.. they have always been infront with tec so to me its daft if i dont buy sometimes :D youll have to take a picture for me. have you got a par meter by any chance to show me a reading?

    yer this spectrum king ive got is the same sort of light as that by the looks.. colour wise anyway. im just using it for veg now though because it clearly lost me bud a couple of times. its a bastardo honestly you think youve got more turns out its all growth on the very top and everything below isnt developed at all then the side with more hps.. solid all the way to Australia lol.

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  9. No I don't have a PAR meter or anything.

    I was just saying I bought 'Chinese' because these are technically knockoffs of HLG's design. But the company I bought from seems to have come out with one with their own twist. Meijiu has a 800 series. 800 diodes on each 300W board and I have 6 boards in there. I haven't seen this design from HLG, not that I can find.
    The plants are getting hit from every which direction from 4800 diodes lol!

    I just looked at Spectrum King. Jeesh. Stupid prices on every single example I found. I'd be choked with any buds smaller than a Volkswagen for those prices, wtf?!? 100W was $468....R U feckin' kiddin'? $1900 for a 600W with this giant, obtrusive ballast setup on the back. Not even sure if those were CDN or US prices, but stupid either way.
    I don't know what Spectrum King are using for diodes, so maybe there is a difference in PAR,PPFD etc with actual quantum boards? I'd have to research Spectrum King more.

    All I know is quantum boards work very well. HID results with none of the HID headaches.
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