double closet, light and heat questions

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  1. Ah where to begin....
    I have a double closet, a closet within a closet. The second closet is currently my grow room, with a couple cfls.

    The main closet I want to be my flowering area, its 4ft by 3ft, but the ceiling is high, definatly 12 ft plus. I want to get a 1000 HPS Yield Master II System and throw it in there, but im worried about the heat it will put off. This light comes with the glass plate and 6" inch air cooled fittings, but im not quite sure what that means. It looks like it has a 6" hole where a fan or if not a fan directly air ducting to a fan? Im not sure. Would I need to have a fan on the hole, and air ducting and all that to cool it? I wonder if the high ceiling would disperse that heat? The reason I thought to go with a 1000w is when its not in dark cycle i could open the door to the veg room and share that extra light, But maybe a 600w would be better for that space? The 1000w would also do me better in the future, as i wont always be growing in this house. If i had to i could use my private closet, which is 8 long by 4 wide by un-measurably high ceiling in that too, wow.

    anyway, your input is appreciated, thanks everyone.

    heres some pics to give you an idea.

    The lower shelf is 6ft high and the up is 7.5ft high

    inside of first closet


    veg room, in that old trunk i have some fl tubes and plastic lining to hopefully keep high humidity for fresh born seeds and clones, but i havent tried it yet. I did have my cfls mounted in there, but ill get more in detail of that in my grow journal i will make.

    and for fun, my 3 baby bag plants. they are just an experimental thing, until i get 6 clones next week, not sure the strain yet though.


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