double checking the scope of Subcools super soil recipe

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  1. I'm a wishful thinker. Haven't done a grow but am fantasizing and planning.
    As for a soil mix I am intrigued by the Subcool super soil recipe because he claims that all you have to do is water once it's all set. What I'm trying to grasp is the quantity of soil you end up with if you follow his recipe. It seems to be like this:
    35 lbs organic worm castings
    5 lb steamed bone meal
    5 lb bloom bat guano
    5 lb blood meal
    3 lb rock phosphate
    3/4 c epsom salts
    1/2 c sweet lime
    1/2 c azomite
    2 T powdered humic acid
    mixed with 8 large bags of your potting soil.
    So follow. The above is 61 lbs super soil mix. It fills the bottom third of the container. Therefore the container is filled the rest of the way (2/3) with your organic soil which is 122 lbs worth. That's a total of 183 lbs of soil/soil mix. If you're growing in 5 gallon pots that's good for 36 plants.
    My math and thinking are correct?
    And if you want to grow 5 plants? Can this thing be done on a small scale?
    Does anyone have the quick and easy soil recipe for the baby growers out here?


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