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Double Budding- increase yields

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by cannibud, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Photoperiod interruptus

    I read an article about taking a plant that's in it's 4th-5th week of flowering and putting it back into veg for 48 hours on 18/6, 20/4, 20/0. By doing this you trick the plant into using more energy to reproduce and causes restimulation of the pistils and slight stem lengthening. Which makes the buds thicken dramatically. This will lengthen the cycle about 7 days and increase yields up to 20-25%. This will cause a new stem to form from the tops of your buds and a new flower will develop. Has anyone tried this technique, and how well does it work?
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    What's the source?
  3. High times from 98 with bill clinton on the front with a joint in his hand.pg.96-97
  4. There was a recent article about it in U.G. also.. in a section about intentional stress inducing for positive benefits in various applications...
  5. Did it show any pics of the plants that were done this way?

  6. It only touched on inducing stress in a bunch of different situations with positive benefits .

    I say dont stress your plant ever.
  7. I hear you, but I would'nt mind experimenting with one.
  8. I seen a thread on here earlier today about someone putting there plant in the dark for a couple days before harvest, I've never tried that either, but might also do this with one to compare.
  9. You see this one is more understandble.
    If you put the plant into darkness for days, it will think its going to die very soon, and will/should start producing extra THC as fast as possible so it can stick on any pollen in the air for the plants genetics surval.
  10. okay ..first!!!! do not give High Times growing ideas any steam...

    seriously you would have a better chance of getting a kindergarten class to fix a Ferrari, then you do of a High times grow trick working..

    fucking with a plants light cycle while in bud is as good way to get stamens..PERIOD!!!!
  11. Damn man I was just trying to share an Idea that might increase yields, It did'nt sound so bad to me, producing more bud. I had no Idea that hightimes growing tips were shit, I thought they were pros.
  12. I don't think he's jumping down your throat, hes just saying, if ya mess with the plants light cycle, you may just make it a hermie. If ya want to increase yield, theres many diffrent ways.

    I've recently been looking into a method called Scrog, dramatically increases yields, but its taking some time to wrap my mind around it.

  13. Kind of reminds me of monster-cropping. With modification this technique may have a positive effect on various strains. Try it and post a review.
  14. i've done this before. to make seeds. works great. i don't know about the yield part though. -_-

  15. This is simmilar to what i do and if done right it makes a huge difference. I will update the thread as things progress.


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