double bowl method?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by SaintsForce, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. ok, so this sounds odd at first, I know.
    It's confusing as shit (or at least midway through it becomes confusing as shit)
    but last night on a whim a friend came over, we packed a bow, and he decided to do the same.
    3 peeps, 2 bowls. One lighter. (that last part complicated things a little bit)
    Well, basically its like double hitting a bowl all the time, which is cool.
    Anyone else ever done this?
    Just wondering if this is a stupid idea (haha, it was like the three fucking stooges towards the end trying to figure out the lighter rotation, lol) or if anyone else likes the stupid silly high that happened after this sesh.
  2. why don't you guys just call it "smoking two bowls at once".

    i don't see any harm in it. it'll just fuck you up faster. a simple solution to your lighter problem is get more lighters.
  3. Me and my roommates do this all the time. We pack up both bongs and smoke them at once. Only we have 2 lighters at least. We call it super setting lol (I lift weights a lot).
  4. haha, sick
    i lift a lot too, and i like that name.
    and to catfish, we're doing that, but... at once.... damn. lol
    yeah, i dk why, it just sounds cooler maybe? haha
  5. I think the most pieces I've had going at once were 2 pipes, 2 joints, a sherlock bubbler, and a bong. The hookah was also available on the floor. Between maybe 5 or 6 of us. We all had a piece at any given time but still rotated haha.
  6. i do it all the time. its really enjoyable haha.
  7. the title made did sound like you had a double barrel bong
  8. that sir, is called a c-c-c-COMBO!!!
  9. Try double blunts haha

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