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Double Barrel Blunt

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Diablothejew, May 28, 2009.

  1. Rolling blunts is my favorite way to smoke and smokes them gives not just a wonderful high, but pride in your work. I have been trying new an strange rolling methods and today I got the idea of double barrel blunts. I rolled one pretty large one and than instead of making it longer I made it wider by using another blunt wrap and attaching one ende of it to the side of the blunt. I then filled that area between the first blunt and the other wrap with about the same amount of weed and then sealed it shut thus creating an extremely wide but normal length blunt. I could barely light it because of how hard it hit. I was thinking you could also make a triple, a quadrouple and so on.:smoking:

    I have never heard of this method and thought of it myself. My question is though, is this an original idea? Or are other people already doing this?
  2. well i have smoked a lot of blunts but i have never heard of that, sounds pretty cool, go make a video i think i know what your sayin but a video will help.
  3. Take a pic I have no idea what your saying. Lol
    Bit it sounds cool
  4. I love barrelled rolling, ima make a triple barrelled blunt for an upcoming concert
  5. pictures.
  6. I don't have any pictures and I'm currently dry. Sorry
    It's kind of like rolling two blunts and sealing them together to make a really big one. Two barrels, one mouth piece.
  7. hm



  8. What the fuck. Thread stealer
  9. i've heard of this before, among my circle of friends we call them either;

    double longs (for sticking two blunts together long ways, resulting in a really long blunt that smokes forever)
    double wides (sticking two blunts together short ways, so it end up looking like a roll of green quarters)

    ...of course you can roll up any number and call it whatever you want too. triple long, etc.
  10. Dammit, I thought I was being original. Oh well lol. It's my favorite way now though. We filled a double with kb this morning and after we smoked it like we could barely even walk or do anything lol. I like being creative with how I smoke though
  11. ?

    i meant draw your double blunt in ms paint then show us
  12. aha okay lol
    I will in like ten minutes
    It's going to look like shit
  13. Okay, I attached it
    Now look at the picture and these are the corresponding instructions

    1. Roll one blunt. Size doesn't matter.

    2. Take the second blunt wrap and attach it long ways to the other blunt. The red lines are showing where the side of the wrap will be attached.

    3. If you look at it from the front it should look something like this with one side attached and another free hanging. The weed goes where the arrow is pointing. Fill it with as much as you would a normal blunt.

    4. It should look like from the front when it is done. There should be two "barrels".

    5. Time to get fucked up.

    Understand now?

    Attached Files:

  14. ooooh haha double barrel makes way more sense now hahah

    looks pretty sweet dude, im gonna have to give one of those a try sometime
  15. I only happened upon the idea when I was trying to fis the first one cause it ripped. Then it's like a light turned on haha. I will warn you though, it hits even harder than you would expect. My friend was with me today when i did it and he tries to be all tough and like he can take bigger hits than anyone, which he does lol. But he inhaled really hard and it was so big i guess it hurt his throat too bad and he full force vommitted.

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