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  1. Anybody here plays dota 2 beta yet?

    If so, add me, grizmoblust. I hope you're good. :>
  2. just fucking won this in the steam great gift pile

    how badass
  3. tell me how i go about doing that
    i want to

  4. You can't unless you get invited to the beta, or "win" it like me :D
  5. I was just selected today to play, I'm installing it now. :wave:

    Only problem is, I never played Dota. I played Warcraft 3 back in the day, but never knew about Dota until I was older and no longer had a copy W3 (thus I couldn't try it out). So I have NO IDEA what to do in the game. Hopefully there is a tutorial or something because I'm coming into this with pretty much zero knowledge of what to do.
  6. sent me invite
    i teach you in game :p

    my steam username is Storm Of Swords
  7. i too am severely terrible at this game. first action rts/moba/whatever game ive ever played.
  8. I don't think I can send invites. If I can I will, because I could totally use help learning the game.
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    I don't think tutorial is in yet, but you can play with bots

    dota_camera_accelerate 49
    dota_force_right_click_attack 1

    -gold 10^10^100
  10. You can? I played a game tonight with I believe (hippie flip?) and was so goddamn awful. I didn't get a single kill and I died 14 times. :eek:
  11. I remember getting on warcraft and just getting owned back to back lol

  12. i thought we agreed to never speak of that match.
  13. haha. I didn't speak of your performance. For all anyone knows, you dominated and lead our team to victory. :D
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    I downloaded the replay and that was not the case.. lol jk

    ya go to private game
  15. dota lod is better the normal dota,
    you get to choose your skills and your hero...
    its nice
  16. I went 3 to 1


    I'm pro

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    loll. You guys got long ways to go. :>

    Assist is more valuable than kills/death. You want double amount of assist from death. Example, you went 3/5, your assist should be above 15.
  18. What's a good started hero?

    I'm using Witch Doctor...
  19. Well, I'm good in that aspect. I get more assists than I get kills. An average game for me looks like, 2/14/8 (I'm still horrible, but slowly improving).
  20. i've been noticing it's either get raped or do the raping, only had a few "damn that was close" because we wiped and it was gg, usually a feeder or at least 1 incompetent player per team. i'm willing to play with anyone as long as your not a consistent feeder lol steam is greenbrad182

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