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  1. Anyone playing DOTA 2? New to the game but playing with a good friend who's played for a while and got the hang of it pretty quickly. Looking for good/vocal players to play with. I'm currently level 5 if it matters.
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  2. Dude, I've been wanting to play DOTA 2 for a couple weeks now. It's one of the main reasons I want to invest in a decent gaming PC. Game looks mad fun.
  3. Bump for DOTA.
  4. Level doesn't matter. Your MMR does. Dota isn't easy, you have to study how each hero works, which heroes counter them, what items to get etc. and be friendly to your peers!
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    It's extremely popular in my country, as well as the rest of Oceania. My favourite game to play while high....

    ..especially, while you're high..... or totally hammered..... cause you get to piss all the nerds off, switch your computer off.... go to sleep... and the next day, it'll be as if none of it ever happened. lol

    Filipinos have a thing for Dota 2, in particular. They're also known for their indiscriminate insulting and swearing. Don't take their swearing personally, though.. swearing is a form of social bonding for them.

    If you don't have a thick skin, Dota 2 is not a game for you. It's like the 8 Mile of the online gaming world.

  6. I have 250 hours into this game. There are 80+ heroes in the game and in order to be even remotely good, you need to understand how all of them work. That means playing atleast 10 games with each hero. That is 800 hours just to be a competent player. Saying the learning curve is steep is laughable.

    This is not a game, its a job/career. Trying to raise solo MMR is absolutely retarded at times, since there are players with 100 hours who try to play ranked...Who focus on 4-5 heroes and then get a hero they don't know how to use, so now your coaching them while trying to lane and retain your patience before somebody goes on a killing spree and somebody on your team or even yourself just loses your shit in the text chat or even worse on a vent. The only reason i can hold my own myself with 250 hours is that i have probably 5000+ games played on DoTA original on Warcraft 3.

    I would not even consider playing this game as a new player today without having a full team of friends you can play with. The amount of fun you will have as a solo player is minimal, in comparison to every other feeling the game will give you. If you look at the steam reviews, you will see players with 3000+ hours played saying "Fuck this game, this game is the devil, i do not recommend anyone playing it.".

    You have been warned.
  7. Yeah i've been playing since the beta, I started in around early 2013, have 2000 hours(i know it sounds bad but over almost 3 years?) and i'm still just getting to be competent with most heroes, theres still heroes i can't play worth shit(looking at you, meepo).

    My mechanics could use work, but i'm very good at the CS war, IE denying the enemy's CS and securing my own, so i generally go mid and get like 20 denies on the enemy mid and shut him down, assuming I can actually get mid which is a rarity because someone always insta locks a mid even if he gets immediately counterpicked.

    One of the frustrating things is queuing for US West with English language and literally getting all spanish or russian speakers who not only cannot communicate but suffer huge lag and DC's because they are queuing for servers that are insanely far away from them.

    Yeah, the game's pretty rough, but I love it. Only MOBA out there that doesnt hold your hand, which does make for a steep learning curve but if you can get into it it's by far the best MOBA.

  8. Bump.

    Any blades out there. Just got into this and it is pretty fucking awesome. I am still very new but learned a lot online and playing solo.

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  9. My favorite game by far. For new players i recommend playing lots of bot games first to get the hang of the mechanics and then play the "limited heros" mode (a mode with only a a small pool of the more basic heros) which is a lot simpler then trying to learn ALL the heros from the getgo.
  10. What would the transition from League to DOTA be like?

    Been playing league off and on for just under 3 years now, idk what it is but lately just haven't been enjoying it as much.

    Been wanting to try Dota out and see if it's the genre or just league.

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  11. Well its free so just try it and see.
    I never played LOL but from my understanding its more casual and perhaps more forgiving for "noobs" or mistakes as in your skill level and understanding of the mechanics and current meta are not as important.
    Like, you could lose the game for your team with a single ability at the wrong time and place in dota. (A bad chronosphere could turn a huge lead into a loss for instance)
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  12. Wish I still had my laptop. My friend I used to play often and had a good time.

    I loved playing huskar.
  13. Love this game haha

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  14. I'll be on today.
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  15. Getting on now add me

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