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  1. Anyone on this forum like to play DOTA2??

    I'm planning on starting a Guild shortly in DOTA2 and I'm lookin for a couple more players who know how to play and are good with a few different hero's. I currently have 2 people that are in so far 3 including me. Trying to make a Guild full of stoners and start playing ranked matches to show people stoners are not just a bunch of burn outs! We own the gaming leader boards too! Name is gonna be along the lines of like "Haze" or something haven't came up with a name yet but once find enough guild members we will all vote n figure one out. Currently have me and my main hero's are - Drow Archer , Sniper and Zeus. Also have my friend from Vancouver Island he's a younger kid but is very chill and knows his shit n a harsh stoner hippy * can tell by way he talks * he likes Riki , Bounty Hunter or is good with any type of tank. And also have my friend from Ontario She's one of the better gamer girls I've played with and is a dope person to play with she uses any Magic or Ranged hero's. so far the 3 of us have been playing together for a couple weeks and work very good on a team together. If your interested in joining us post in this thread saying what ur best hero's are to use and thoughts on going for the MLG DOTA2 championships. Having a mic is highly recommended because makes it easier to stratigize our tactics.

    Even if not interested In joining the new guild to play ranked matches if your just a DOTA2 fan post up always nice to meet some more people to play a few games with here and there!!

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