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  1. anyone play these games?
  2. I used to play CS:GO c:
  3. Add me! My steam ID is Netflix & Anal
  4. what is ur picture of there's a couple with that name. i believe i added you do you have the operation wildfire on CSGO ?
  5. I think it's a picture of meepo
  6. This is my steam pic. I don't have wildfire tho

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  7. I play the latter. I've never been able to get into a MOBA other than Smite or (when the mood is right) Heroes of the Storm.

    I suck at CS:GO nowadays. Mostly because I'm out of practice. I binge on CS:GO and TF2 randomly.

    Edit: steam name is the same as here. Shovel Knight sitting by a campfire is my profile pic. Although I doubt there is more than one Viral Frog.

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  8. Used to play csgo A LOT, been trying to get back into it lately.

    More of a league fan than Dota though.

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  9. Yeah I feel you, don't get to play as much as I used to but on weekends I'll usually play a couple games.

    I'll add you when I'm home Viral.

    Merf hit me up, I'm not great at csgo, used to be mge before the patch but got deranked to sem and I kinda stopped playing after that. But I play a bit here and there when I have time and I'm burning :p

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