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Discussion in 'General' started by cmac47, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Have a DOT physical on 9/17. I know I have to pee but the memo I got stated they tested for insulin. Have taken the test several times before but I just got back into token.....Any comments or ideas?
  2. DOT = Department of Transportation?

    If so, I would assume they'd take a UA as well.
  3. Yes, Dept. of Transportation. Would one month clean be enough???? Purchased a bottle of Quick Fix just in case.
  4. Eat clean, drink plenty of water, SWEAT, SWEAT, and SWEAT! Run, excersize, hit the sauna. And don't smoke, no matter how tempting. You'll be fine. :)
  5. a d.o.t. physical,,, ''DOES'' not include a urinallises,,,, its just to test the levels of nutrients in your piss,,, potassium, iron, e.t.c.

    not t.h.c. trust me i take one every 2 yrs. i got a class ''a'' c.d.l.
  6. Thanks chicken. I have also taken them them every other year for the past 10 yrs for my cdl. This is just the first year I have had a concern. I think I will lay off for the next month just to be safe though. Peace.....
  7. day 3 with no herb. SUCKS!!!!! The only thing making it easier is the bottle of percs I got for the disc I ruptured in my back last weekend. hmhmhm. :mad:

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