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dot drug test no sub?at home tests?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by that one guy420, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Hey guys ive been online like crazy for about a week. My question is I have to take a dot test ive been smoking for about 8 years daily , recently only about a joint a day a puff here and there throughout the day.I am 23 5,7 and 117 lbs with a ridiculously fast metabolism. I last smoked 8 days ago and have to take the test in about 3 more days. So that will be 11 days . Ive been riding my bike about 4 to 6 miles a day and taking azo with flushes your urinary system and drinking green tea constantly. I aldo have been to the sauna and sat in there for 30 minutes and sweated an extreme amount. On day 5 I took a cheap home test and it showed I was clean. On day 7 I took another cheap at home test and again clean with a faint but consistent line. My gf, a smoker took the same cheap at home test and failed. So mainly im just concerned that im not clean enough although the at home test says that it is 50 ng cutoff as well as the lab a 50 ng. Anyone wanna help me sleep easy outthere....hows my chances
  2. we don't know we can't answer that too many variables just gonna have to wait and see
  3. Why even make this thread... You took a drug test and didnt fail. What more do you expect us to be able to tell you?

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  4. Piece of mind and they were shit at home test I go for real one in 3 hrs
  5. And the fact that it seems unreasonable to pass within 8 days due to tons of bullshit forums saying that you cant.
  6. You could pass or you could fail. Our intuition isnt going to out do a drug test, and its all dependant on the persons body chemistry. I dont mean to come at you with a negative attitude, theres just about a million of these threads that do nothing but clutter the forum. Theres a thread dedicated specifically to drug tests too might want to check that out. Good puck on your test man .

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    Are you getting a class A CDL (commercial drivers license, for driving tractor-trailers) or just a DOT physical? 
    If you are not getting a CDL you will not get drug tested unless your state has special laws or you're employer SPECIFICALLY requested it for you. If it's a physical the piss test is to test for diabetes and other blood conditions. 
    I work for a large shipping company and I had to get one. I do not drive semi's though so no drug tests
  8. Well I just took it. I could have sub it but it would have sucked if you have and questions on that feel free to ask. I couldn't piss worth a shit though just stressed I guess but I gave just enough. I drank about 64 oz of green tea and a few sips of Gatorade before test and ate just enough to not be starving. I am just wanting to be exact in what I did to you all because I had trouble finding good material on these forums. I find out before Saturday for sure because im suppose to go train at the new job so im sure if I fail I wont be going in seeing how that is 4 days away. Smoking as we speak though. Thanks everyone!!!!
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    Thanks man. I tried to find that section but I had trouble navigating this site probably because im on a smartphone without the app downloaded. I plan to really try people on this by actually provided some really good information that I had a really hard time finding after days of researching tons of forums and reading some medical explanations of the body way of processing metabolites. I am just holding of on everything that ive learned and have done just so someone can know it is possible if your similar to my size.
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    Once the smoke settled then I can actually get on here without worrying and providing bullshit information and just bailing not leaving a end result.

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