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Dot drug test for physical??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kawasaki500r, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. So the deal is i have a DOT physical for my new job Monday. They sent me to labcorp for a drug screening last monday and i passed, but out of stupidity and excitement i smoked the following friday for a (got the job celebration). So im really just curious if the DOT physical will hold another drug test. And if it does can i sub successfully?
  2. I doubt it. Most pre-employment tests are usually just that.

    But maybe wait a bit before you smoke again and get a few days or weeks under your belt. Wait until you know you are in with this company for sure.

    I drove for 13 yrs in the oil patch in Canada, only ever pre-employment tested, and never gave them a reason to test me once hired. No accidents, nothing stupid. Was actually a pretty good driver.

    Wash hands

    These are all very helpful if you blasted one and they suddenly call you into a meeting or to the shop etc.

    Just be smart. Good luck with your new job.
  3. You getting a CDL license or something? I just went for my DOT physical testing 2 days ago. Required to get my CDL. Basic standard physical and they have you pee in a cup. But its not to test for drugs so you'll be fine.

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  4. since it’s a physical, you will likely pee in a cup.
    but it shouldn’t be for drugs, since you’ve already handled that test.

    I second Pheno’s advice of holding off for a bit if you can just ‘til you’re used to the work environment.
    but I’m a hypocrite ;)
  5. I don't remember having to pee into a cup for my Class 1 (that's what it's called up here in BC) where it wasn't for a drug test but just the driver physical itself.

    Either that, or I was so stoned, I forgot I did it? Ha! Was 14 yrs ago or so though

    Man, I used to have a bag of weed in my sleeper sometimes when I was living in the truck stuck in the bush. I don't give a shit who knows now, I'd rather shoot myself in the face point blank with a potato gun than turn a key for the oil patch.

    I was working a 21/3 cycle. 21 days on, 3 off. Up to 16 hrs / day. After a year of that virtually non-stop, I went freakin' cuckoo.....

    "Fuck thisssssssssss!!!"
    Kicking and punching at the air like a psycho.

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