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Dosing for chocolate molds

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by renegade66, Dec 9, 2022.

  1. I am looking at two different chocolate modes to purchase so i can make some infused chocolates with exact dosing per piece from some canabutter i made from last years bc big bud grow.

    I have 300ml of canabutter that i had lab tested so i know it contains 5.86mg of THC per mL so the the 300ml contains a total of 1758 mg of TCH.

    The first bar mold has 8 portions with each portion holding 2.5tsp of chocolate
    The 2nd bar mold has 15 portions with each portion holding about 7.5 tsp of chocolate

    My goal is 12.5 mg THC per portion.

    Can anyone help me on how to calculate the amount of chocolate i need to mix the melted butter into to get the right does per piece so i can see if i can achieve my goal using either of the molds I am looking at.
  2. 300ml at 6 mg per ml = 150 doses. (2ml needed per dose)
    300ml infused butter = 1.25 cups
    3/4 cup of Chocolate
    Total = 2 cups.
    5ml = 12.5 mg THC = 2.5 teaspoons

    You'll need 18 batches of the smaller molds.
    8 X 18 = 144 Close enough for stoner work.

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  3. Pssssst.
    Welcome to the City.

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  4. Thanks or the reply

    Do you think i should use the larger molds to increase the chocolate instead, I am thinking the chocolate may not harden if i mix to the ratio above.
  5. Keep them in the fridge which you should do anyway to retard the Butter from turning rancid.
    Consider using Coconut oil next time. It hits in half the time it takes butter to come on and has a far longer shelf life.
    You'll need 3x the amount of Chocolate to use the large molds. That is a lot of calories your consuming. Think of your edible more like a drug then a food.

    I take 75 to 300mg a day and I sure don't need to eat a bunch of Chocolate along with it. I'm trying to shed 10 pounds not gain 20 more. :)
    75mg of THC each.
    Kief, Coconut oil and Lecithin.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads

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  6. Thanks again for such timely responses.

    I do hear you on the calories the chocolates I am making are for Christmas handouts this year since i have been able to grow four plants legally I have a lot of weed just sitting in the cure boxes the butter I am using is from a previous year that I had lab tested at the time.

    Personally i am very responsive to edibles i tried eating the butter straight out and even a quarter teaspoon was way too much for me, the cookies i made with the other half of it contained around 75 mg which made it hard for me to dose with them, everyone else loved them while a few like me had panic attacks at the onset. So this year I am trying to make them a little less strong, the hard core smokers can always eat more.

    Last years crop tested out at 20.67 percent THC, i am planning to make a fair amount of live resin instead of butter and eventually make it sublingual after i get the live resin tested first, but that is a whole other question as I am not very educated on the oil i would use or the mix down for dosing to go to sublingual and micro dosing. I have at least two and a half pounds of that cured, haven't tested this years crop that was close to four pounds.

    I use it medically for 5 herniated discs in my neck with nerve compression more so than just getting high and all my grows are pure indica strains which seem to help my pain more than the other.

    So if i went with the bigger molds i would use 2 and a 1/4 cups of chocolate instead of 3/4

    You mentioned

    5ml = 12.5 mg THC = 2.5 teaspoons

    It confuses me a bit, would 2.5 teaspoons not be 12.3 ml

    Thanks for all the very informative help.
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  7. Molds from Amazon - 10$ for 2
    126 pieces per mold
    10-12 oz of chocolate (an baking size bag) and your we Ed …. Done
    I add any where from 10 grams to 28 grams in a batch be pending on who it’s for anywhere from 20-55 mg thc per piece
    I used 3 oz of weed today in making these B43366D2-41A9-4980-AA1D-719D4E9530D2.jpeg 30B81893-3BD2-4185-B77B-FFDA476C912D.jpeg
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    If you want to get a bit more creative with your holiday edibles try making some cookies. These two varieties each use 1 cup of butter per recipe. @BrassNwood, all my stoner friends are old -n-fat. LOL Oh yeah, welcome to GC @renegade66 20221208_194435.jpg 20221208_211142.jpg
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  9. 5ml of your butter is = to 12.5 mg of TCH (your target)
    2.5 teaspoons of the finished Chocolate product would equal your 12.5 mg THC target.

    I set on the computer toking Kief and I don't always finish out the current thoughts.

    10 years ago my Colon exploded and tried to kill me... Twice... Three rounds of major surgery and it all works again more or less like it did before but the side effect is Adhesions. Something is glued where it shouldn't be. Likely part of my small intestine is attached to the abdominal wall.

    Sober anything can trigger it and drop me to my knees crying in agony. Stoned I hardly know it ever happened. Cannabis switches it off from anything but the most stupid actions on my part.

    Crawling under cars and doing to many setup type motions will cause me grief so I avoid my best loved hobby now. Can't lean over the fender and work on the engines now either.

    Smoking lasts about 45 minutes on me. Just long enough for the edible to take hold and stop the pain. The Capsules I make last all day most of the time. One when I wake up and I'm good for the day.

    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    Here is the base oil recipe.
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture, RSO
    How to turn all that bud into Kief.

    Coconut oil hits in 45 minutes. All other cooking oils take 2 full hours to gets cranking. Butter is about the worst choice as it has such poor long term storage properties. To much water and solid impurities. Make your Canna oil with Coconut oil in as high a strength as possible. Save the butter for when your actually cooking an item that will be eaten promptly.

    Coconut oil in large amounts can cause loose stools and it is very high in saturated fat both good reasons to temper it's use and the Kat recipe does that with the least amount of oil possible. You only need enough oil to fully wet the Kief, Hash, Bud dust.

    15 grams of Kief into 3 tablespoon of Oil.
    1 drop of finished oil will be 3mg of THC.
    Done with powdered buds it is 1 to 1

    For cooking you'd blend some of this with the Butter your baking your brownies with.

    BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more
    Here is Kat's master thread and the base recipe is on page 1.

    Now found in a wide range of foods and medicines it enhances bioavailability making better use of a smaller dose. Less sugar seems just as sweet. A smaller dose of medicine give equal relief. This recipe calls for 20% by volume. It is part of the reason for the tiny batches measured in tablespoons rather then Cups of Oil.

    Any of the 6 forms of Lecithin work equally well. Soy or Sunflower. Granules, Liquid or Powder. The Lecithin I firmly believe is what keep this stuff hitting so hard day after day.

    If you make so much you can't use it or gift it fast enough then the rancidity of the oil used comes into question.
    The Coconut oil, Cannabis, Lecithin has excellent long term storage out well past 2 years even at room temps.

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  10. I need to try these again. I had to have messed up. They really don’t seem to go anything - 2 fullish 000 caplets and nothing much except after taste burps lol
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    There is no real one size fits all when it comes to edibles. We all have slightly different body chemistry and differing amounts of the conversion enzyme that changes Delta-9 into 11-Hydroxy-THC. My wife is blasted on 2mg and I just took 150mg.

    Make the Kat recipe making sure to use 20% Lecithin.
    Decarb the Bud-Hash first 240 F for 40 minutes uncovered.

    Take 50mg
    Wait 2 hours
    If not stoned
    Take 100mg more.
    Wait 2 additional hours
    If not stoned
    Take 200mg more
    if not
    Take 400mg more.
    Keep doubling and waiting between until it works. It will work. It may take a gram or more of Hash or 5 grams of Bud dust this first time but I've yet to see it fail. My smart assed neighbor who swore edibles didn't work on him gobbled all 10 of the Hash caps I gave him at once rather then follow my directions.

    He swears to this day I spiked them with LSD. Nope, Sorry just Kief, Coconut oil and Lecithin. The 750mg he took is a HUGE dose and even 300mg will put me way past my comfort zone.

    Enzyme Could Make People ‘Immune’ to Edibles

    New research says you might have to efficient a mutation of the CPY2C9 enzyme. I find massive doses will overcome any issues and the patient is stoned. Kats oil tends to stack with daily use so as you reach a saturation point your dosing needs drop rather then increase as it does with most drugs. I'll say about 1 in 10 people need a far bigger dose of edible for the same brain melting ride the Hash oil usually produces. A 1/4 of one of the Hash Capsules I make is a reasonable dose for the majority of the population.

    Some people need to be primed like an old time hand well pump. I've seen it before where several days even weeks into daily treatment I'm getting phone calls "I'm suddenly way stoned WTF is happening ?" We dial back the dose until we find their new dose range to match their comfort zone.

    Several drug regimens start with a huge initial dose then gradually taper back as the days progress and this works with many edible resistant people. If you've taken 1000mg of THC in under 6-12 hours with no effects your a rare specimen indeed.

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