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Dosge for anxiety/sleep/apitite?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Bleakz87, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. I realize mostly all of you aren't doctors and nothing said in here is should be taken to medical heart and you should always consult your doctor. With that said I find that Marijuana helps with my anxiety, sleeping and eating; but when i overdue it it has negative affects it makes me too tired, bad cotton mouth and bleh. I usually smoke out of a SSV Vape although sometimes ill whip out the Roor. My question is Since i live in a state without a medical marijuana law i usually buy 20 at a time how much of it should i use if I'm looking to help my symptoms but not overdue it, whats a ball park figure and with people who take it as a prescription for similar reasons how much do you take? Thank you in advance.
  2. hey man, well it all depends on your tolerance, ie how long and how often you smoke. im a mmj patient in california and I usually only smoke once or twice a day for my GERD and acid reflex so I can hold food down. With that being said I usually only smoke like .5 to a gram a day which is about 20$ but if you buy in bulk you save a lot of cash. and for you stating you get tired from smoking well thats normal because your most likely smoking an indica dominate strain. Try and see if you can find some Sativa to smoke during the day so your not so tired, its a more energetic high, and the indica is a more relaxed body high. I hope this helps you out. Gl with everything
  3. I would suggest using a Sativa strain for anxiety and apitite. I would use around .5 of a gram a day for awhile but you will probably have to start using 1 gram after awhile. For me Sativa is no where as good as Indica is for sleep though. I would use .25 to .50 of a gram for falling asleep.
  4. I use it for sleeping. And my general rule of thumb is, if you start to feel the high while you are smoking (because sometimes you feel it after you are finished depending on strain), you are smoking to much.

    I usually smoke just half a bowl of some regs for sleeping. I don't feel anything until 5+ minutes once im DONE smoking. Start off slow and if you still cant fall asleep, increase your dosage, because everyone is different.

    1 gram for purely medical (sleeping) purposes lasts me a week

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