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Dose question(firecracker)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by primo914, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. sup im goin to attmept to make some firecrackers for a trip im going on i never experimented with any type of edible so how much green should i put in each cracker ill bee using some real nice sour d striaght dank ... also how many cracker should i eat at once????ive been smoking for over 7 years and have a somewhat high tolerance .
  2. Find a good recipe first, pick your peanut butter, and maybe get a little canola, or peanut oil and mix it in to make it a little more receptive. Not alot just like a capful.

    I find that with good weed, I can use around .7-.8 per cracker, and like 1 1/2 crackers gets me high for like 5 or 6 hours. 1 gram in a cracker is a little bit tougher to eat, so I put like .7 and eat an extra half.

    So around .7-1 gram per cracker, and a good dosage is around a cracker & 1/2
  3. thnkz for the info ...i got the recipe allready i just wasnt sure how much to throw in each ganna try both cooking some and letting one or 2 sit out for a week or so
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    Oh i would do half a gram first(2-3crackers) should be fine imo. It tkes a while but worth it. Dont od its a totally different high/stone. My fav personally. I live in ny also. Cannacookies are good too. .5 will get u wrecked. Dont know about leaving it out for a week or 2c.

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