Dose for Demerol (Liquid)?

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  1. It says take 2 teaspoonful, would I be fine doing 4-5, is this enough for a buzz.
    Thanks in advanced.
  2. what else is in it..if its pure liquid demerol buy yourself a syringe and IV that shit. demerol is a weak opiate taken orally, youll have to ingest a decent size dose to get high...just be careful because demerol has properties that cause seizures in some people, thats why its being used less and less in the medical field
  3. It just says Demerol HCL 50MG/5ML Syrup expired in '04 (shouldn't be a problem).
    Yes, I heard the medical field is now trying to stop using Demerol cause of seziure problems, if it this helps my mother was throwing this away cause she was done with it and she seems to be fine with it.

    *note* I've done morphine through IV if that helps anything or relates to not have a seziure, I doubt it. */*

    But yerr, I have no syringe. :(
    I also don't feel comfortable doing IV's anymore I don't know why.
    How many teaspoons would you say?
    4-5 good to start off and see how I'm feelin'

    Thanks for the post, no one was answering!
  4. ive never had demerol like that and scratch what i said about IV'ing it, i wouldnt recommend shooting a syrup its probably got sweetners and what not. im not sure what a teaspoon equals out to in ml, but i would probably start out with like 20ml whcih would equal out to 200mg of demerol. see how that feels and go on from there?
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    20ml = 4.05768272 US teaspoons

    So yeah, I'll start with 4 tsp.

    Thanks mann.

    + REP

    How's the effects, I saw some side effects on sites, but I want personal blades experiences!
  6. no problem bro..what exactly was your mom prescribed it for, if you dont mind me asking. im just kinda curious cause ive never seen demerol syrup, only like codeine and hydrocodone cough syrups.
  7. Yeah, I had some sizzurp last night (good shit).

    Umm.. Fuck, I can't remember.
    I think she had a gastric band put in her stomach and she was prescribed that?
    That's all I can think of she had in around 04-05.
  8. I just drank 20ml, when should I expect it? And what's the highest dose I should take if I wanted more?
  9. Triple post, BUT IM FUCKED!
    Im fucking numb, and happy omg.

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