Dose anyone here use cocaine on a regular basis?

Discussion in 'General' started by jeremyg, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Like just as much as mj? cause i do
  2. ive never experimented with cocaine but i am very willing to
  3. too rich for my nose.. but if someone else has it, thats a different story
  4. a few years back, yes. now i have bills and shit to pay, i cant afford the sweets.
  5. every couple months.

    A few buddies of mine love blow.

    It's fun. I'm not big on stimulants.

    sprinkle some on a bowl and it's a beautiful thing to behold :D
  6. nah, don't touch blow. salvia, shrooms, lsd, mescaline, and peyote are the only five drugs I have left to try, and I don't plan on doing any of them on a regular basis unlike ganja.
  7. all of the above, minus peyote(i havent tried), are great; in my opinion. not to be taken lightly though.
  8. no, i do it sometimes but not like everyday.
  9. I dont do it everyday but usualy once a week, cause well nothing helps taking notes in class than a few lines in the bathroom.
  10. I used to. But I cant control that shit. Snorting led to smoking and alot of money was wasted. I dont even want to think of how much.
  11. I used to, but as GreenLantern said it wasted a lot of cash. Blow is an expensive habit, both on the wallet and the user.
  12. i used to...about two/three summers ago i was doing it everday for about 2 months. good times....but i didnt pay for any of it, my homie did....he stole $10,000 from his parents....his life has been fucked since, but hes getting back on track...and he only fucks with the weed and shrooms now.

  13. ^Thats the only way I'd even THINK about doing it...but I still dont really have an urge to. I think its best if I just stick to the greenery...
  14. My cousin did for many years.

    Now hes doin 15-25 in the worst prison in michigan.
  15. that sucks about your cousin man, i wont do the stuff on a regular basis because I don't want to end up aimlessly addicted to it, stealing 10,000 dollars from my parents and spending years of my life in the pound.
  16. Yeah man, Lifes a bitch like that.

    I dont know where you from in the glove or what?

    But obviouslly im from southwest detroit.

    My cousin bro, He was doin good workin his ass off in s/w. He was working on semi's and shit like that making good money fer real. Had a wife and kids.

    They got divorced, He got fired. His drug habits overloaded. Hes done drugs since his teens. He overloaded around 34. He ended up a bum, Couch surfin, Livin with his ma.

    Well dude gave him a oppurtunity.

    This guy was a big time guy.

    He was pushin weight.

    Well word is my cousins a dude you can trust, Gang affilaitons prove it.

    So he knew this, Approached him. Said ill give you a place to live, Clothes to wear, Food to eat, As long as you help me out.

    Sell and store drugs.

    Well i didnt know how high up he was. But i knew my cousin was sellin coke. I figured maybe half ounceish max. Weed, Maybe 5-10 lbs because ive seen my cousin with a few lbs before.

    Well, He got busted Jun 2005. His mom's house, My aunt, Got raided for pills because she sold them and got busted. My cousin had 125 lbs of weed and 2.2lbs of cocaine.

    He's doin hard time in Jackson. He never snithced nobody out. Guy was supposed to help him in prison and give him money and help his family if things ever went sour like they did.

    My cousin hasnt heard from this guy since he got busted.

    Bullshit, Now hes prolly got a price on his head.
  17. not a regular basis, once a pothead always a pothead. but every now and then theres nothing wrong with a little colombian fish scale :hello:
  18. THAT is why it is few and far between for me.

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