Dose anyone else think the current California medical marijuana system is corrupt?

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Look, I obviously understand there are people with serious medical conditions and marijuana is a pain relief. I also understand that marijuana should be available to everyone anyway (legalization). Nowadays I feel like there is way too many kids that pay $80 or whatever the price may be just to get a green card and walk around saying they are a medical marijuana patient.

    I even got a green card when I was on vacation there! Any random motherfucker can get one if they are willing to pay! I can understand why there are so many states that don't want medical marijuana to be legal, because of this reason alone!

    Just a small rant, but what do you guys feel about it?
  2. What's the beef, if you think everyone should get it anyway? Yeah, maybe you exaggerate a bit, maybe the doctor fudges some paperwork or something, who cares? It's just weed right? I mean, it's either you get it from a dispensary or just go up to Joe Blow's house and get some, so what's the big deal?

    But yes the doctors do liberally give it out in Cali, from what I've heard.
  3. Unfair but fair at the same time. Im getting my card just to smoke legally, but I wont abuse the privelage.
  4. Yup. Thanks Cali kids you're a big reason other states won't legalize mmj. Who lets patients smoke drugs anyway? I've never been told to snort my pills.

  5. Fastest way to get relief. You can use edibles of course but it takes longer to take effect, which could be a deal breaker with some patients.
  6. It definitely hurts the legitimacy of medical marijuana programs across the rest of the country. Anyone who wants to attack MMJ can just point to California and talk about how many people get cards who aren't even sick.
  7. I got my card walking down venice beach on vacation
  8. I get headaches and stuff yo.
  9. Yeah bra I got depression, give me some sticky icky and I'll be alright though :rolleyes: :smoke:
  10. It's all perception.

    Anyone deserves access to a medicine that's less harmful than the shit in the cold n flu aisle.

  11. This is my opinion. No one has any business telling you you're not sick enough to deserve weed.
  12. We really don't allow threads on this subject because we at GrassCity do not support the fraudulent gaming of the MMJ system.
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