Dose anyone else feel this way when they are high ?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Gaspack101, May 5, 2017.

  1. The first trip I had was awful completely I smoke the whole gram for my first high and I flipped out didn't know what was happening my vision was messed up I puked for some reason but I've found out that the only way I can smoke is by myself or with someone you trust my favorite is by myself bc you have time with your inner self I just relax and think really really hard not knowing You think so hard I hate talking to people when I'm high bc when I'm high I don't wanna be bothered I kinda just think about strait life and how I can change my life and be a better person in life when I'm high

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  2. Have you been huffing gas fumes again?
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  3. Idk dude I'm just anti social when I'm high bc I don't wanna be caught off guard

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  4. YES. I was hoping it wasn't just me
    My girlfriend gets pissed because I always come down to my basement in the middle of the night just to bake by myself.

    I get nervous around people I dont know when Im high because its usually sketchy people and I feel like when Im high Im super dumb and vulnerable. So I feel safe and chill by myself or my absolute best friends.
  5. Frosty bowls, I hope that you can someday find a friend who's similar to you and really gets you, who you can light up with. Because, for me, I'm kinda antisocial, but the only reason I started smoking was because I had some really cool friends to smoke with, who I trusted and thought were interesting.
    Anyway, so if it's truly not for you and you just like to smoke by yourself, that's cool too!
  6. I feel the same way. Recently, I smoked with a friend, and it was cool. I felt stupid and akward. I had a panic attack to the way home. It was the worst time high. I only smoke now with my friends who I can really trust and get along with. Otherwise I smoke by my self, thinking, dreaming and still having fun:D
  7. Smoking also makes me want to be alone and work on a project; I cannot just sit there and listen to music or watch videos.

    I rather seem to want to withdraw and get involved in something.

    It's nothing to worry about - it affects everybody a little different.

    Just enjoy it.
  8. It depends on the strain too.
    If I smoke Jack Herrer, I cant sit down,
    However if i smoke some good kush, heavy indica, I am just staring at things and having flashez:D

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