Dose anybody have a friend like this?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jdm_420, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. What's up grass city
    Just wondering if anyone has friend(s) like this as I have met a couple and this shit gets annoying after awhile.

    So I got this friend that I'm really kool with, he's a really kool dude nothing outta the ordinary, but when I'm walking or chilling with this dude , I swear every single girl or woman we see this dude is like " check out her ass" or " would you hit that?" " or negative shit to say if she's kinda ugly or huge or whatever.
    Don't get me wrong,I like to check out girls and shit too like any other dude , but god damn this dude dose it sooo damn much, it gets annoying - like I swear you cannot or he cannot finish a sentence without him interrupting halfway just to say "I wanna put it up her ass, would you hit that? Ect. " Any like I said it just happens every other fucking minute , and no I'm not exaggerating - shit I'm actually writing a thread about this .

    Now before anyone calls me gay- NO- I LOVE pussy, I like checking out girls and shit- but I wonder why is this dude like that?It's ridiculously overboard, It seems an obsession kind of like a horny 6th grade virgin.- now this dude is not a hideous looking dude and I can vouch for him being good at talking to the ladies, but he also lies about getting pussy everyday (because he later contradicts himself in his story's) he has a girlfriend thats cute too- but what's up with this dude?? It's startin to get fucking annoying.

    I've met other dude like this too- thy act like straight up middle school virgins - whats up wit that??
  2. Learn to use negative or dissolving comments.

    'my head can only take 1449 complaints daily, sorry'.
  3. u gay man?
  4. Nah bro- most def not gay- I'm not "complaining " bout the fact of checking out girls, but more so the fact that we cannot get thru a sentence without this foo interrupting asking the same old questions that get tiring after months .
    He's my homie from work and I'm at work right now bored , and wanted to ask the city maby learn about his "mentality " of a middle school virgin that acts like he's never seen pussy before.

    Trust me - I don't start many threads here in grass city- so for me to start a thread about this - its ridiculously overboard!! And I'm curious as to why he is like that? Could it be psycological? Maby he needs he needs to prove he's "the man" or maby he's in the closet?
  5. Choose friends better.
  6. Just tell him it gets annoying. I like when my friends tell me things they think I need to hear. I have plenty of friends that will tell me if I'm getting fat, need a haircut, say 'like' too many times, etc...

    Also, he might be sexually inexperienced and feel some kind of need to talk about it a lot. It's pretty common.
  7. OP masturbates to much.

  8. Yea thats what I first thought- maby this dude dosent get much tail and thus feels he needs to act like he dose- although his case " is not pretty common" - me and my fiends always talk about chicks, point out fine chicks and whatnot like any other dude, but this dude's case is not pretty common- it seems to be really really excessive , obsessive and annoying , i mean come on, I love talking about and checking out chicks with them phat asses , don't get me wrong- but this dude seems to have a weird case unlike anyone I've ever met- sometimes I wonder is he's really gay just trying to "hide" it by this , Especially as he is really homophobic.

  9. Maby..... But this isn't the point here.. I'm just trying to understand it from a psycological perspective, because I'm starting to suspect he might be gay.
  10. Just say, "what's your deal man? don't you have other things to say?"
  11. Your buddy sounds like someone who watches too much porn.
  12. Just tell him you only fuck goats.
  13. Honestly he does sound gay. If he's got a gf, then she's either not giving him enough attention, or he's super deep in the closet.

    Or maybe he's a sex addict...
  14. Poor friend- I hate those rich fucks
    Me being annoyed- they work hard
    Poor friend- well their rich snobby children don't
    Me again- will you provide for yours?
    Poor friend- (shuts up)

    Some people are just like that, AVOID
  15. Or maybe he got molested by his dad at a young age, and this is his way of coping? curveball
  16. I do have a friend like that and he has the skills to indeed hit that. But he also had the ability to read me and not talk about 'hitting that' if it was not the time nor the place. Some old lady caught him checking out a fine young babes ass once and gave us nasty looks. It was pretty funny.

    He is an interesting guy... I don't really know what goes on inside his head.
  17. hes gay on the low, or not really good at shit cuz the only time i seen people like that is if they a playa or a homo.

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