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Dosage Calculation Help

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by aztransplant, Apr 12, 2018.

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    I swear, I think I'm kind of brain dead today.
    I just made 1/2 cup of oil using 8g of weed. My calc per dose seems to be way off.
    If I know the THC% is 19%...here are my calculations:
    Amount of MJ (Grams): 8
    Convert to mg 8000 mg
    Percent THC 19 %
    mg of THC for this batch 1520 mg (8000*19%)
    Assume 80% extraction 1216 mg of THC
    We used .5 cups of oil = 24tsp (teaspoons)
    So we are looking at 50mg of THC per tsp (24tsp/1216mg)

    I am mixing this into melted chocolate (about 3 cups) once mixed its enough to fill 50 1TBSP molds.

    So does that mean that each mold is 150mg of THC?
    I mean that seems like a kick in the balls for something the size of a Hershey kiss

    Can someone tell me if this math is correct?
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  2. 50mg per tsp BEFORE you add the chocolate but after pouring should be closer to 20mg per chocolate. I think.

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  3. Your calculation is correct until the last step.
    You'll be making 50 pieces of candy out of 1216 mg thc, so each piece will have (1216 mg thc)/50 = 24 mg thc.

    But there is a potential flaw in the calculation.
    THC extraction into stained oils is closer to 50% efficient, so if you used strained the oil you probably have only (50%)/(80%) = 5/8 as much potency as calculated, or 15 mg each serving.
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  4. Duh...thanks - yea - cant really have more of something that what you made!!
    Forgot the crucial part of the equation...how much are you using in the recipe. Just b/c 1 TBSP is 150 mg - only 8 TBSP are being used in 50 molds...not 1 TBSP per mold.
    Thanks for fixing stupid :)
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  5. I don't think asking for help with a calculation is stupid. Just sayin'. Enjoy! I'd be happy to help with the testing process.
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  6. I have a comment on the entire thread/idea.

    If a cannabis cook makes an ethanol extraction the possibility exists to concentrate the cannabinoids.

    Concentrating the cannabinoids also gives one the ability to make number of doses required as strong as desired.
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