DOS Attack last nigh

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. Due to a DOS Attack on the servers of our bandwith provider, we were most of ngiht (your day) unavailable, the problem has been tackeld, should be fine now, if trouble continues, please . Sorry for the downtime!


  2. I was wondering what was up with that. I couldn't get on the site all night. Oh well. At least they were quick about fixing it.
  3. I was wiggin' out when I finally got home from work last night, Super Man! I couldn't get in and I was stoned and ready for a City adventure. Better be glad you fixed it Mister...I'd really hate to have to come over to the Netherlands to beat up on my Boss Man! :p Yeah, right...I'd love to do that....not beat up on you, of course, but come over there! :D

    Anyway, glad it's fixed. May the DOS attackers be haunted with the karma that will come back and bite them in the ass, everyday until the end of forever!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!
  4. rofl, I thought my school banned this site for some reason.
  5. i was really worried too. i wanted to tell you something, and i forgot it now, so it couldnt have been all that important lol.

    good to see were in working order again.
  6. it was me...

    just kidding! :D i used to get those all the time from people.. i dont even know who they were... jeeze, whos got a beef with the city??
  7. damn DOS attacks are a bitch since you dont know where its coming from, cant stop them, and cant protect against them. some anti mj freaks have too much time on their hands. leave us alone, we're peaceful people!
  8. ya i was wondering 'bout that too. i have dial-up so i thought it was just my connection but my friend also had the same problem. it was only for a little while, it's still good.. at least all the threads are still here.
  9. glad its filxed but what the fuck is a DOS attack???

  10. it was not targeted against us as the city, the took the whole hosting center down, there is a client using his server to spam and he was attacked , and in the run of events they took the whole datacentre down, so all clients were offline, not only we, so it was not targeted against the city, for that kind of attacks we have some pretty good protection, we have our own firewalls and Qulaity of Service devices, but against such large scale DOS Attacks we are powerless. It took way too long, we were down for 8 hours, I'm in the process of preparing to sue this company who send the spam from our hosting centre and hold them liable for all costs! Do not fuck with us ;-)


  11. DOS = Denial Of Service attack. It's an attack on a server by sending extremely large volumes of requests over the Internet. What happens next is a violent slowdown of the performance of the attacked server, making it unavailable for anyone to log on.

  12. Thanks for clearing that part up for us, SJ! I was going to make some voodoo dolls for the attackers and now I don't really have to. LOL! Sue the hell out of them.

    I'd like to sue for the emotional distress that I endured from not being able to access the City. ;)

  13. Thanx for the heads-up. I know what a Denial of Service attack is but I thought DOS referred to the antique operating system I used after I gave up on CP/M. Does any body remember CP/M? That was the operating system for the old steam computers....just kidding.

    Come to think of it most modern computers are steam driven as much of our electricity is generated by steam engines. Oh well, this tech stuff is just too complicated for me--where's my lighter?

  14. LOL, you know us techy people, (SJ included) have to use an acronym for everthing. :D

    CP/M huh? LOL, you are an antique stoner! Been a long while since I've heard any talk of the old 8 bit operating systems. I'm sure you knew that DOS was copied from CP/M somewhere around 1980. LOL, never as user friendly as DOS from what I've heard though!

    Did you ever get the chance to work on any of the 8086 and 68000 versions of CP/M?
  15. Thank you big boss man! This is why we love you so much..

    Good luck with the law suit!!!

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