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  1. Can someone enlighten me as to why all of you American university students seem to live in dorms? I assume it has something to do with the location of the university, but wouldn't one tend to go to university close to where one grew up? Plus the fact that here at least a shared room barely saves you anything over living off-campus in a basement suite.
  2. Meet new people and new tokers
  3. yea it's more like a tradition thing i think

    often it's the juniors and seniors who live on off-campus apartments
  4. IIRC...a lot of colleges & universities require them to live in dorms, at least for the first year.

  5. Makes sense.

    Really? Why? To get more money out of the students?
  6. why wouldnt you want to live on campus

  7. Can't smoke safely, your roommate might suck ass. There you go two reasons.
  8. small ass cramped rooms
    room mates are potential dicks
    I think someone else may have mentioned this but you can't really smoke safely
    loud ass zoodorms that smell like shit and are too either always too hot or too cold.
  9. Ive never lived in the dorms...

    But then again ive had my own place since i was 17...and i take classes inthe same city i grew up in...

    Dorms dont sound too bad, but i like my space.

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