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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by whatanoob, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I'm about to be a freshmen in a non-medical state and I'm living on campus in a dorm. My question is
    would I be able to safely hold bud without worrying about the school having people stop to check up on me and potentially bring drug dogs around. I say that because my highschool was notorious for bringing the dogs out and I am not looking to get kicked out of college for possession of something that should be legal....
  2. You'll be fine. Unless you are selling our of your dorm room and attracting alot of attention then nobody (except maybe your RA) is going to bother you.
  3. Get cool with your RA lol. I did, and he would call me any time anyone would come to the dorm for any reason. He even picked me up some bud from time to time. Lol. But I guess not everyone is lucky enough to have a cool RA like that. Still, try to get cool with them, you might get a leg up as far as safety.
  4. You're fine as long as you keep your bud air-tight. Get a glass jar. And don't open up your bud in your room, wait till you go out to smoke. Had a friend arrested cuz of that and he was a smart mother fucker (4.0)
    Just be smart and you're good. Hardest part is keeping the smell down from pipes/bongs. Which isn't even that hard.
    I kept 1/2-full ozs in my dorm room at a time and never had a problem
  5. My best advice would be to avoid smoking in the dorm. I've seen many people kicked out due to stupidly blazing blunts and ripping bowls causing the entire floor to reek. A lot easier to locate a place somewhat off campus to be your blazin' spot.

    A kid I knew actually got busted because he felt it necessary to have a kitten in his dorm, he had it out on the patio one day and someone must have reported him. When they came to his room and searched around they found like 2 different strains bagged up along with a few pieces of glass and his scale over a kitten which he also got in trouble for.
  6. I have a private bathroom which should do the trick for reducing smell and a sploof or two wont hurt. I also have a Vaporgenie and I'm getting either an MFLB or Arizer Extreme Q. So hopefully that will keep smell down to a minimum.
  7. Oh yea if your vaping you gonna be good.
  8. It really varies from school to school, some schools have regular dog searches, some don't do shit. I blazed daily in my dorm, but I got the fuck outa there after the first semester to live in a smoking frat ^_^

  9. Im looking to join a smoking frat next semester haha. SOunds legit.
  10. Don't smoke in your dorm

    That's all and your fine. They won't search for no reason

    BUT don't leave your bud on the table or something, they are allowed to enter your room but won't search for no reason
  11. I wouldn't worry about dogs. But i smoked in my bathroom almost every day with my roomie and we never got caught. Learn the times when the RAs go on rounds and just make sure it doesn't smell when they come by. If you're smart about it you got nothin to worry about

  12. I have the arizer solo and its a dream
  13. I straight up asked my dorm director. But it really depends on the campus you live on.
  14. DONT smoke in your dorm man, its asking for trouble. vaping may be a go but smoking is a nono.

    just go outside somewhere secluded to blaze, a little effort can save you a lot of trouble

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