Dorm Room Growing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by reefed, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Is this a valid idea first of all? I kinda want the microest of grows in some area of my future dorm room. its a suite so i have places. anyway what would yall recommend as the best setup for this? or would you even risk it?
  2. And risk getting expelled?
  3. hahahahahaha no man. and the 'suite' they stuff you in is not nearly as big as you think.
  4. lol its 2 bedrooms, with a full kitchen and bathroom. its big as far as a dorm goes. but i feel ya
  5. Still a real bad idea, not only will you get kicked out but you'll also get a criminal record...and that I'm sure you don't want!
  6. lol alright then scratch that idea.
  7. it still wont work man, on top of you probably being paranoid every 5 seconds, eventually you gotta dry those plants and the smell will be noticable. and growing isnt as easy as just grabbing a few things from around the house. you need equipment.
    keep in mind too some dorms rooms are pressurized so when you open the windows the smell from the room is pushed out in the hall way so its even more obvious what your doing in there. learn everything about your room first before you consider even trying to pull that shit off.
  8. you could try a pc grow
  9. You could theoretically do a stealth grow without anyone knowing but, be smart know what you're doing and cover all aspects of the grow before you even germinate you're first seed.
  10. A dorm room grow wouldn't be smart..but if you really really want to grow, your best bet would be a pc grow. Something portable in case anyone drops by to search.
    I still don't advise for it..but hey, your choice :)
  11. You could go stealth....check out this site, if you wanna risk it this is the way I'd go.

    Pc Grow Box- Stealth Pc Grow Case

    (Odor blocker)
    [ame=] Ona Block - Polar Crystal - 6oz: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]

    I would use the automatic febreze spray and use the timer on it


    I'd put one or two of the odor blocks in the room where its growing.

    You should be fine if you grow one or two plants.

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck.
  12. It would be much easier to just buy some bud from a friend imo.
  13. lol aw but wheres the fun in that?
  14. I never found a good source of bud all through college.

    My friends and I used to deal with sketchy motherfuckers and almost got shot once. another time I saw a guy get set on fire. so many random sources. only several great scores i CAN remember (that's how I know it was only a few)

    getting ripped off, getting weed with people's spermy finger traces on it, or just straight up inability to find any good bud, are some reasons to grow your own.

    you might want to get an apartment with your mate first....
  15. sigh dude... don't grow in your dorm.
    thats a terrible idea.

    smoking though, if you have decent roommates//stealthy you should be fine.

    but growing? i wouldnt even risk that.

    throw away thousands and education.
  16. I'm on the bandwagon as well -- trying to grow in a dorm is always a bad idea.
  17. I wouldnt do it too risky
  18. bad idea, plenty of time to grow after you move out of the dorm.
  19. Just rent a room in a house near the college.
  20. Dude - don't even go to school if you're going to risk getting booted for something that stupid.

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