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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mtnxc, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. So I've never tried to grow at all. I was wondering if it was possible to grow in a dorm closet. Im just trying a single plant. If anyone has done this, a step by step guide would be great. Also, how quickly can you get a plant to bud? Just curious if I can get it done before winter break.
  2. hey dude most grows take atleast 3 months from seed to harvest(not including autos), even if u go 12/12 from seed(not great idea) it would still take like 2 & 1/2 months not really worth it, better to veg for while then flower imo
  3. Thanks man, I was just curious. Im scoping out a spot for next year to go outdoor anyway!
  4. So riskey to do it in the dorms.
  5. no prob dude, also its prob best to do an outdoor grow anyway, dorm growing is very dodgy IMO & risky(as mentioned) lol
  6. don't risk your education.
  7. Do they not do room searches where you are? I'd think that a dorm grow would be a fine reason for expulsion.
  8. just wait til next season and grow outdoors... BUT if you insist on growing in the dorm, it could be done relatively easily.
  9. Dorm has too many people living on top of each other, you will get caught.
  10. it really depends on your dorm though. For instance i live in a 3 story apartment style building. There are 4 rooms and a center family room/kitchen. I do not see any reason i couldnt grow here however i chose not to because of the fact that i dont wanna get kicked out of school and can wait until next year when i will have a medicinal marijuana card as well as a house to grow legally and much safer in if i really decide i want to grow. However i feel like one could pull it off. I live with 3 people in a 4 room house. I am best friends with both people and the school will not come into our dorm unless we set off the alarm or they need to check the empty room to make sure we arnt using it and the dorms in good condition. One could easily make a dresser hollow or stack some bins and do a stealth grow no big deal as long as they can control the smell. It depends though. If your RA's inspect your dorm or you live in a really close quarters dorm (theres only one other dorm connected to mine and the rest are spread out a bit. only 8 rooms on my floor) then i wouldnt recommend it. But if your school requires you to do something stupid for them to come in i highly doubt they would search you
  11. ^^ true. it only takes one person to come across your little plant and your entire college education is fucked. i would highly advise against growing in a college dorm. i've seen several grow journals from kids trying to do stealth grows in dorms and, like clockwork, about 2-3 weeks in the OP just disappears and never posts on it again, almost certainly because he was caught or was close to being caught and had to cut it down.
  12. get a student apt. with a landlord who is extra cool. in some cities student apts are a much better & sometimes cheaper alternative to dorms anyway.

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