Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. come on dude admit it ..who likes dora the explorer? that show is the shit. id love to live there dude. my friend told me its sad that i have the mentality of a 4-6year old. but i got him to watch it he laughe

    i dunno what it is about cartoons but they are the best. ..sorry this is me just ranting cause im gonna go get a sack pop a few vicodin and probably watch it again oh and some TBS comedy block. all the shows on there are the shit.

  2. told actually im a guy... is that bad that i watch nick jr :D?
  3. I must say, I thought there was something wrong with being 18 and watching nothing but Nick Jr. and Saved by the Bell reruns.

    But then I came here.
  4. ya dude you ever seen the saved by the bell, where zach and slater find a marijuana cigarette in the bathroom? lol, then they find out its teen idol whos shooting an ad about staying in school or something.

    many cliches follow when he peer presures zach into lighting up. things like "coem on man its only pot!" or "everybody's doing it." ..zach tells him about how hes an idol to millions of kids and he should be ashamed lol
  5. swiper no swipping! swiper no swipping! swiper no swipping !

    me.. of course i havent seen that was only once i swear....
  6. I must have missed that episode, but I did catch the one where Jessie got addicted to speed.

    Her breaking down crying while singing "I'm so excited" was just priceless.

    Also, I'd like to mention that watching the owner of that cafe place do his magic tricks while all stoned is great.
  7. ^^ hah ya dude ive seen that one. it was "caffeine" pills or soemthing lol. Swiper no Swiping! thats the nickname we gave a friend of mine whos notorious for skimping sacks with his litle weasel paws *cough LE4CH cough cough* jk :D

    "backpack backpack! backpack backpack!"
  8. my sister watches Dora......its boring to me......i'd rather do some gardening......

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